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Maureen Cummings When you plan your trip Maggie please contact Saltash Heritage, And he will be able to help you with old maps etc. 14/5/19
Maggie Penny Currently looking at family history and found this page. Researching the Crapp family who lived at 4 Homer Park, St. Stephens until 1922 when they set sail for Melbourne with their daughter. From the ship's sailing records I know he was a market gardener. Amazing where family research takes you. I have lived in Reading all my life. Feeling a trip to Saltash coming on and hope to find some local area maps/photos from the 1920s. Thanks for a place to share and reading my comment. Maggie 11/5/19
Andrea McAlpine Roma,remember me----Dena Harraway,I lived a couple of doors down from the dear old Barbers!!! I live in New Zealand now. 22/4/19
Kathryn Goodes ( nee Brown ) I attended Saltsh County Junior School from 1963 to 1966. Our home was at Broad Walk. I had lots of good friends and would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew me 14/4/19
Roma Mairoudis (Bacon) My grandparents, Ernest and Gwen Bacon lived in 3 Longview Road and great aunt and uncle, Harold and Florence Barber lived in St Stephens Road. My father was Russell Bacon. My mum and dad were married in St Stephens church 23 February 1946. Iíd love to know if there is anyone with the name Bacon who could be related to me. Iíd love to hear from you. 21/3/19
Maureen Cummings If Maureen Cropper would like to contact me via Saltash Heritage I can help with the Waterfield family as my mother was a Waterfield and I am in contact with another descendent of Frank. We can also supply photos of the house. 3/1/19
Maureen Cropper I am looking for any info on the waterfield Family 'they lived at homer park. the house was up top of the hill looking out over the tamar. My grandfather frank Waterfield was on the coouncil. Any infomation would be brillant and any old photos of the house woudl be great as well.thanks 2/1/19
Peter John Smith Hello everyone. My grandfather and grandmother Frank and Ethel Hoy, son Douglas, daughters Gladys and Zilla (Madge) lived at what was 8 Hamoaze Tce, now known as something else. My mother was Gladys and I was born at Pentillie Castle in 1942. I spent most of my early life in Truro, before art school in London, but still hold Saltash with great warmth and always drive through the Main Street whenever crossing the bridge, then I know I'm "home". See my cousin Judith Archer has left a note and contact to Stu Hoy another "Cousin Jack". 27/12/18
Jonathan Coles Nipped across the bridge today from Plymouth. Had a walk around Fore Street with my parents, bought some local items from the Butchers, Card shop and Pet shop. Always pleasant to shop in Saltash, not as rushed as in the city, and pleasant views across the Tamar and surrounding area when walking back across the Bridge. Shame that the little bakery that used to be near TOFFS has shut but at least there is a Rowes still there. 4/12/18
Jenny Moir I am looking for a Joan Kinsey who I believe lived at 117 Fore Street, Saltash, around 1949. I would be interested in any information on Joan or the Kinsey family. I am now told that Joan Kinsey was born in 1925 and according to the 1939 register she was also known as Pitt and Smale, so probably married more than once. Any information would be appreciated. My e-mail address is 2/11/18
Jenny Moir I am looking for a Joan Kinsey who I believe lived at 117 Fore Street, Saltash, around 1949. I would be interested in any information on Joan or the Kinsey family. My e-mail address is 1/11/18
Philip Luscombe Anyone remember Andrew Harrison of Lower Port View Saltash worked in Crown Carpets Saltash any information thanks . 31/10/18
Linda Whittall am shocked that you have cancelled REMEMBRANCE PARADE. l have served in the forces and lost a few friends due to wars and having my husband going to wars. It a time for us to be thankful that there gave they lives so you can be free they cannot. 17/10/18
Dave Bance Ref Jubilee Green Pontoon.. we wish to comment on the vastly improved facilities at the pontoon. When we have previously used it we have encountered a number of problems.. firstly there were inevitably one or more vessels alongside the pontoon unattended and which appeared to have been left there for some time leaving limited access at the emergency service end, secondly there were almost always a number of anglers on the pontoon which caused at best difficulty in manoeuvring alongside and tying up and at worst threatening and aggressive attitude combined with the mess and dangers of slippery bait and discarded hooks and lines. We now find that the pontoon is clean and tidy, free from unattended vessels so that it can be used safely, and most importantly extremely helpful and courteous waterside wardens, who are to be congratulated on their stewardship of the facilities. Please ensure that our comments are passed onto them. Our boat is moored locally and we can now safely use the pontoon to receive visitors. Thank you and we look forward to using the pontoon again and enjoying any additional facilities that you may eventually be in a position to provide, for example fresh water? 31/7/18
Rosalind Finlayson Sandra Rosen Cynthia Self was my sister. please contact me email 16/7/18
Sandra Rosen Hi, I live in the US formerly a resident of Newmarket until I married and move to the US. I have been doing my ancestry and I believe My Uncle (my dad's half brother) lives in Saltash. His name is Bryan J Self his wife's name is Cynthia F Self. They lived on Albert Rd but it looks like they moved in 2017. Does anyone know them? 6/7/18
Robert[Bob] Standlick I left Saltash in 1971 to join the RAF, still visit as mum and siblings live there, be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me 11/4/18
AMILCAR GRAMACHO Hello. I'm looking for people from Moore family. From Robert Alexander Moore (1847-?), that was Royal Navy Paymastes in Chief; his wife, Flora Burke Moore, from Jamaica; their daughter, Flora Mary Burke Moore, and somo others... 3/4/18
Julie Baldwin I am looking for any information/history on a house called 'Ryelands' in Carkeel. I know the house (or maybe the land) was originally sold on 11 February 1920 by the then Mayor, Dr. Henry Osborne Grenfell to a Richard Pideaux and that he and a Frederick Gilbert Bolitho owned the rights to a WELL that exists next to Ryelands. We have now opened the house as a B&B and want to let our guests know the history of our beautiful house. Many thanks. 13/2/18
Jane Veitch Anyone know of Maria Loredanna Gordon, living at Pillaton Farm, Saltash in 1966? 22/1/18
Frances Moore nee Jervis Hugh Colton I sat next to you in Miss Commonís class. Do you remember learning about the amoeba? I think Miss Ugalde was the head but dear Mrs Pawley (Ianís Mum) was the best. Have you forgiven me for carving something on your ruler when you were in assembly? 12/12/17
Tony Steed Chantal Eastwell In reply to your recent post. I do not know Carol but her brother Ray Jacobs went to Saltash Grammar, a couple of years older than myself and married a Saltash girl, Gillian Brown. I believe they spent most of their married lives in the Yelverton area but [fairly] reliable sources tell me that they are now in Tavistock. Hope that helps you! 19/11/17
John Hooper Does anyone have any knowledge of the Hocken family (my uncle was called Roy) Born in the Saltash WATERSIDE (not Waterfront) in the 1920s 9/11/17
Melanie Kerr (Schofield) I am putting together a box of memories for my sister. We lived in Saltash in the 1960s leaving in 1965. Our family name is Schofield and we lived on St Stephens Road. Our neighbours were Dinah, John and Lyn. The Biscombes were our landlords. Particularly interested in anyone remembering Josephine Schofield. Our dad was in the Royal Navy. 24/10/17
Tim Pattemore Pete Hodge, just seen your entry from last year, that cellar holds fond memories, not least the introduction of alcohol to me, (which I've cursed at times - mainly mornings!) luckily, and despite 3 pubs and over 20 years in the trade I am not an alcoholic, I am not an alcoholic, I am not an........... Take care Pete, hopefully we'll meet up again soon. E-mail me if you see this:- 20/10/17
Philip Luscombe Still looking for any info on Andrew Harrison who used to live in Lower Port View and worked at Crown Carpets in Saltash . 17/9/17
Chantal Eastwell Hi , I am looking for my cousin Carol was(Jacobs) married to Barry ..think their surname is Smith ... Carol has a brother called Ray ...They we're brought up in York Road Torpoint ...their mum was Valerie and dad Lionel.... So much I need to know about my dad's family he died at 38 I was 18 ..... my mum was a beautiful French lady who was my rock and together we survived without him and his family ....can any one help ? Thank you Chantal was (Matthews) now Eastwell... 30/8/17
Amy Hilborn Hi Steve my name is Amy, Lil and Fred are my mums Auntie and Uncle. We have contacted them regarding your post below, please could you email me and I will email you their telephone number and address, rather than posting it for all to see. Regards, Amy 6/8/17
Steve Donnelly I would like to find Fred and Lillian who used to live is Saltash on a farm in the 70's. I don't have their Surname, but Fred used to work as a caretaker for a factory and had the use of a cottage next to a river. Lillian used to be married to a man called Lonzel from Liskeard who sadly passed away last year 2016. Lonzel I think re married to a lady called Shirley. Can anyone identify or put me in contact with anyone mentioned above. 25/7/17
Kaye Bonner Louise Bohana. We have an excellent Saturday Morning children's drama group here in Saltash. Established eight years. Friendly and welcoming environment. Ages 5 to 11 years. Essa Drama 07727600815. Kaye Bonner 8/7/17
sue fox Does anyone remember the ginger haired barber on St Stephens Road and lived at Alemein Flats with his mum 17/5/17
Julian Chenery This year's Saltash Football Reunion Night takes place at Saltash United Football Club on the evening of Friday, 16th June 2017. Tickets are £5.00 each and there will be live music provided by local musician Dave Gilbert and his 4 piece group. All proceeds go toward Huntington's Disease Research. The evening is open to anyone who has played for any of the local sides in Saltash - Saltash United, St Stephens Borough, Real Saltash, Burraton, Landrake, Ploughboy, Saltash Athletic, Saltash Town, Saltash WMC, Saltash United Ladies etc etc - or the youth sides in the town. Also welcome are any current or former club officials and also current or former referees, assistant referees & linesmen (club or otherwise). Wives, girlfriends, partners are also welcome. Tickets are available from myself or at Saltash United but payment can be made on the night. This promises to be a great evening and it would be great to see as many there as possible. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks, Julian 15/5/17
KEITH COZENS Hello Alec Kendall. Good to remind me of those hot summers! My e-mail is perhaps we will meet up at some point in the future! 26/3/17
Louise Bohana Hi I'm relocating to Saltash from Hampshire and would like some local info on clubs, Girl Guides and recommended schools. Do the schools put on transport? I'm moving to Coombe Road. Many thanks 12/3/17
Alec Kendall Well, Keith Cozens, if you're still visiting this site - here I am! Of course I remember you well, and the glorious summers of our Sixth Form career at SGS. I left for Teacher Training at Margaret McMillan in Bradford, and retired after a 21 year career in Public Health in the NHS in 2009. I now live in Worcestershire but maintain very strong ties with East Cornwall and Liskeard in particular. 12/2/17
Clive Thornborough My parents took up the position of cook and butler at Pentillie Castle, St. Mellion in 1948 and as a youngster I remember seeing Princess Margeret open the second Saltash / St. Budeaux ferry crossing. I wonder if any readers of this visitors book also saw the event and remembers the year it took place 16/1/17
Lizzy Sharpe-Asprey Anyone wishing to trace thier family trees or wishing to find out more about old Saltash, don't forget to pop in to Saltash Heritage Museum and local history centre at 17 Lower Fore Street. Tel 01752 848466 or email You will find lots of helpful friendly faces to assist you. We now have around 28,000 photos in our collection 1/10/16
KEITH COZENS Just come across the site! Did 6th Form at Wearde, 1965-67.previously at Liskeard, but moved farms from near St Neot to Latchbrook the farm now flattened after new road from tunnel at Carkeel roundabout. Now live back in Cornwall near Bude after a career in teaching and running teashops! good to see Stu Hoys name (West Midland!).Love to be in touch, where are you all ... Peter Cloke, Jim Gould, Alec Kendall, Tony Brooking etc? 28/9/16
Hugh Colton Hi Stu - Yes I well remember you and your Dad who was very active in the St John Ambulance brigade with my Mum who was the female cadet leader. I recall the Xmas parties for the cadets at Dwelly Hall. My Mum would make all the decorations, hats and food. Although not a cadet myself, I was very much involved with all the preparations. 26/6/16
Stu Hoy Hugh Colton.....hello! Yes I can follow your message with g8 interest! I'm still very much involved with life in Saltash, albeit now live Lichfield/West Midlands! I can remember your mother was a very active member, along with Bill Hoy @St.JohnsA. If I recall you were a year above me @school!Hello!!! to all who might remember during my early years in Saltash....Stu Hoy 16/6/16
Hugh Colton I'm impressed at the town website, and I recognise many of the names of folks who have posted to the visitors' book. It's 50 years since I left Saltash. I attended the infants, junior and grammar schools. In the intervening years I've lived and worked in over 30 countries and nowadays divide my time mostly between the USA and New Zealand. As I reduce my working hours I'm able to spend more time on my hobbies of flying and cycling. My Father was active in politics and the Heritage Centre. Until his death two years ago I talked to him everyday from wherever I was in the World. The wonders of the Internet! He kept me up to date with activities in the town. I just watched Angela Rippon on BBC1 recalling her memories of 1966, and the exhibition that she has in Plymouth. This brought back so many memories. However I'm beginning to lose touch with with what's happening in the town. Hopefully the Saltash website will help to fill that gap. 1/6/16
Pete Hodge Just returned from another visit to Saltash. English beer & Cornish pasties still great! I had to deviate from my heart smart diet again! For those who remember; the cellar still exists with the paint on the walls & the beer mats & matchboxes on the beams. You can almost hear the echoes of the parties that took place there. Pete. 26/5/16
Philip Luscombe Hello Marilyn thanks for helping me to contact Andrew Harrison I worked with him when he first started at Crown Carpets .It would be great to contact him again after all these years .My email address is Thank you . 2/5/16
Marilyn Grose Phil Luscombe you are asking about Andrew Harrison? If he lived in Lower Port View he has to be a brother of Jacqui one of my best friends at school who I am still in touch with so can find out for you if you like. Marilyn (nee Washburn) 29/4/16
Jeanette Fox To Stephen Maunder could you pass on my email address to Trevor Look forward to hearing from you or Trevor. Jeaette 20/4/16
ken green Hi Nick, my brother Michael and i went to your Aunts private tuition after normal (primary) school hours, once a week for a short time in the early 70's. I dont know why my parents sent us there? They must have thought we needed extra help? I remember the house she taught out of being very dark and austere inside. Ken Green 15/4/16
Stephen Maunder To Jeanette Fox - looking for Trevor Maunder; I'm his brother Stephen. He is happy to make contact with you as mentioned in an earlier request. 26/3/16
Helen Argent Does anyone remember the folk club that ran at the riverside on a monday evening in the 1970s? I have a friend who used to sing there who has landmark birthday coming up and Id love to have a photo or some memories of that time for him. 9/3/16
Nick Ellis Hi, I went to my aunts private prep school in st Stephens road,saltash in 1970 her name was Ena Ellis, if anybody remembers it or went there I'd love to hear. 8/3/16
Phil Luscombe. Hi does anyone know of Andrew Harrison who used to work at Crown Carpets in Fore Street and was a fan of Adam Ant and the Sex Pistols ? Would love to get in contact last I heard he was a tree surgeon in Ireland .He used to live in Lower Port View . Hope someone can help . help. 5/2/16
Anthony Pickering My father William Thomas Pickering was divorced from my mother but married in1947 to a majorie thomas in 1947 I have 2 half sisters Victoria and Patricia who I cannot trace.They all lived in Alamain Road,does anyone know them. 30/1/16
David Holman Hi, my name is David HOLMAN and a native of Saltash. I am researching the history of WEARDE house. I am asking if anyone has any information or photos of WEARDE house and would like to share their association to WEARDE with me. The title of my book is "A record of those who were born lived and worked at WEARDE HOUSE". Thanks for reading this post. David. my email 16/12/15
Wendy Rundle Hello Cathy, Is the photo of Saltash Grammar still for sale ? I would love to buy it for my 78 yr old husband who went to this school in the 40's. 22/11/15
Mrs Gill Kirby Hello. I'm trying to trace some members of my family; Anthony (Tony) Williams, Margaret Williams, and Geraldine Gould. I am their great-niece. My mother's uncle was Charles Frederick Williams who settled in Cornwall in around 1912. Anthony, Margaret, and Geraldine are my mother's first cousins. I believe they all live in the Saltash area. Many thanks! 12/11/15
Cathy Re post below - sorry, forgot to say, the Saltash Grammar School photo I am selling on ebay is for the year 1948 and shows the whole school inc pupils and teachers, so if any of you were there then you may find yourself on it! 26/10/15
Cathy I have a framed school photo Saltash Grammar School for sale. Thought someone who went there might like it - I have put it on ebay as that seemed the easiest way but thought this visitors book might be a way to let people in the area know. 25/10/15
Peter E Thompson I am looking for any relatives of my Royal Air Force friend Ginge Harvey. I don't know his first name but his ginger hair was the reason. Everyone called him GInge. He was born in Saltash and his family certainly lived there in the period we were in Aden together. We were there from October 1964 to October 1966. We were both Senior Aircrftsmen Ground Electricians. 3/10/15
Maureen Cummings If the gentleman looking for information on the Bray family would like to contact us at Saltash Heritage we will have a look for you. We have found the marriage and the bride was Jessie Treais. 3/6/15
Christopher Donovan Greetings to from Canada! Searching ancestry: John Henry Bray, Jessie Bray and Audrey Sarah Bray abt 1908. John & Jessie(Trenis) were married in Calstock Church?. Please touch base with me if you have any related information. Thank you. 8/4/15
Mike Dure Keith, we shall be staying near Truro in September for a week, would love to meet up with both you and Carole, for a pint and a pasty, and a good old catch up. Will sort out a date to suit you nearer the date if thats ok. Speak soon, keep trying my e-mail address in the mean time & I your if I had it !! 3/4/15
Keith allen Hi mike tried to use your email wouldn't work probably me iam useless at these things.anyway I am doing fine moved to Falmouth in 85 things didn't work out an got devorced. remarried to my lovely wife carole i have a daughter an to living in Redruth working in Penryn for a coating company for the 23 years.i remember the good times we had at Westwood foods football at dinner times and at hurley marine. I haven't seen the wlikes for years but we had a delivery driver called trevor hearl he used to go around with trevor Talbot mike sullvan you might know him still lots to talk about but getting tired finger speak again soon regards Keith 23/3/15
Mike Dure Hi Keith,(Melvin)So good to hear from you,have thought about the gang so many times over the years, the thing is we are not getting any younger. And of course I remember your Mk2,we loved that car, a 1300 that thought it was a 1600 E.How are things in your life ?? I somehow thought you were running a pub ?? I don't know where that comes from. I spent 24 years on B.T took early retirement, but still find I am working full timefor a small company here in Honiton, we moved here almost 30 years ago.I have two children a son and a daughter, and a proud grandad of 4 months. You can contact me any time mate on my e-mail address if you prefer up to you, its, all I ask is we don't lose touch again, its been to long. Thanks mate, look forward to hearing from you. 9/3/15
Kk Keith Allen Hi mike dure do you remember buying my mk2 cortina and i had your mini was such a long time ago lost touch with everybody nice to see so MANY names fromthe past what a great site hope to hear from you 7/3/15
Ian Denton Hello Tony Steed-good to hear from you again.Remember all the members of your family well I am in Saltash every few days if you want to give me a call. 28/2/15
Miss Helen Sparks Hi everyone. My name is Helen Sparks from Landrake about 4 miles from Saltash. I went to Sir Robert Geffery School in the village before going to Saltash High School and then Saltash Comp I was born in 1953 and went to Saltash Schools at 11yrs about 1964 and left in 1979. It would be great to hear from friends. I do keep in contact with Jeanette Fox in New Zealand. Looking for school mates. It was a wonderful time back then. 15/1/15
Ian M Crozier Hello everyone. As an ex Saltash resident currently living in the USA I send my best wishes for 2015. I would love to hear from anyone who may have met me during my RN service, 1955-1980. email (My iPad won't let me put the m and d in lower case) Best wishes.....Ian Crozier 2/1/15
Graham Southwell Hi,I lived in Saltash (Burraton Coombe) from 1970 to 1980. Would be interested to recoonect with Lee Prior, Mark Whip, Ann Middledith - anyone who used to hang out at the Youth Club at the top of Fore Street. 31/12/14
Hilary Pain Hello! How lucky are so many of you to have lived or have contacts with this beautiful place. I am wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of a schoolfriend, John (J.A.K.) Green who moved from Landrake to Saltash and we lost out on his new address? 2/12/14
Mike Dure Sorry Tony Steed, have not forgotten you mate, was hoping more of the lads would have used this site to contact us by now,its obviously not that well known locally, not sure what we can do about that ????? Any ideas ??? 13/10/14
Steve in reply to Chloe re the salter's there is a fred salter who lives in st stephens road of mature years. his email address is hope its the one ur after 3/10/14
den briggs hi ron yes im still around alive and kicking my email 25-9-14 25/9/14
Den Briggs hi ron yes iam still around i will get in touch my email adress is 24/9/14
Ron.Vickery Den Briggs are you still around if so get in touch 23/9/14
Cindy Young I have ancestors that were Innkeepers of the Wheatsheaf Inn 1840 - 1850's. Geaorge Steer wife and 2 children. Does anyone have any old shots of the Inn before it became the Waterside? 16/8/14
Chloe Hi it's a long shot but I wondered if anyone remembers or even knows Fred and Jackie Salter - my mum has fond memories of Jackie and has talked of her a few times to me. Mum lived in Saltash between 1978-1983 approx. Any information will be much appreciated. Thank you. 2/8/14
Sandy McGunegill Does anyone know where I can find Annie Long who grew up in Saltash? I believe it was 10 Car Green. I met her 1970's on a kibbutz in Israel, and would like to visit her when in England with my daughter. Thanks! Sandy McGunegill 12/7/14
Susan Stapley nee Tindale Lived as a young girl in ferry road then in Warraton Road up to 1959. many very happy memories ,good friends beautiful countryside and wonderful schools (St Stephens ,Saltash Grammar) I visit with a feeling of being back home at last though happily in the North with our family for 50plus years . Not sure if I would be emembered after so long but a great site to read .thanks to all a special place xx 5/7/14
Tony Steed Hi Mike Dure, great to hear from you [memories of you dating Pauline D back then]- bumped into her once or twice over the years. I met up with Stu Hoy a couple of years ago when I visited my cousins in Cannock. We had a couple of beers and a natter which was great. Have also met Bernie Stewart a few times in more recent years watching and officiating at Callington FC. Not changed a bit. Phil Honey still lives locally I believe but not seen him since I refereed his son some 15 years or so ago and Farmer Coe lives and works in Liskeard. As you say it would be great to have a get together. 18/3/14
Mike Dure Hi Tony Steed, yes remember you well mate, rushing to get down the club to play snooker. Must try and contact the likes of Phil Honey, Bernie Stewart, Mike Sullivan, Dave & Mike Wilkinson,Tony Coe,Dave Pinkham and as many of the lads as we can remember. Have made contact with Stu Hoy,which is a start, lets keep it going, if we can,I have lost touch with everyone, keep in touch. 14/3/14
Tony Steed Have looked at this site on numerous occasions, thought it about time I said hello to some old friends/family/acquaintances. Lived in Saltash for the first 51 years of my life, still fairly local now!! Hi to old Wesley Youth club and football mates - Mike Dure, Pete Hodge, Gerry Bloomfield [those early evening snooker sessions come to mind] Stu Hoy [also a neighbour, the chords of Green Green Grass of home on Sunday mornings still ring in my ears 'S' Barry Buckingham. Schoolfriends - Cliff Tomaszewski, Vanessa 'Telfer'. Also a quick hello to Roy Harris [Boy Scout days I think]Tony Cole and Julian Chenery [football contact] Ken Speare [of Co-Op fame!]Chris Batters [who I bumped into in mysterious circumstances on a train out of Bodmin some 4 years ago]and Gordon Harvey [Stu Hoys cousin I believe]who I remember 'between the sticks' for local football sides. Picking up on some previous posts which indicate we are related distantly, - Mike Angrove, your relation in St Stephens road was my Aunty Gert, a sister of my grandmother Lilian Steed. I lost touch with descendent cousins Raymond, Malcolm and Derek Chubb [great guys]some years ago now. Rosalind Sparkes, Yes, us Steeds were in Saltash from way back, my Grandad George, on and off during the 1900,s and my family certainly from the 1940's onwards. My Father [Godfrey]ran his plumbing/carpentry business from the rear of Percy King's shop in Fore Street in my early years. Ian Denton hi there, you will no doubt remember that Mum, Dad and myself also used to live within 40, Callington Rd in my early years. Memories!! how is brother Mike these days. Better stop, could go on forever but have to agree with previous posts that this is a great site which gives us all the chance to jog a memory or two 11/3/14
Mike Dure Hi all,especially Stu Hoy.I so remember you well all those years ago, always thought what a nice person you were,mister smooth !! I also remember your Dad working for Sweb at the top of town. Unfortunately I lost my Mum in 2012 , so don' t get down as often nowadays. I moved away to Honiton 28 years ago with BT , we have a Son & Daughter , both married but no grandchildren as yet, we will be too old in a minute. I find it very strange that when you consider all the people we knew back when, there is no contact now,I was so surprised to see your name, perhaps we can have a drink in the future, take care of yourself. 8/3/14
Sharon Alberts nee Hingston Greetings from South Africa. My family left Saltash in 1976 but amazing to see names in the visitors book I recognize. James Maddox. Alison Cole and the Askews. Hingston family lived in St Stephens road 1971 - 1976 8/2/14
Shirley Bassett Hi I am doing family history and interested in the Hooper family. John and Susan Hooper.Their children were: Susan born 1872 John 1874 James 1880 Elizabeth 1881 Beatrice 1887 Hannah 1889 I would love to know any of their whereabouts and children etc down to descendents who may be alive today so we can exchange family history information. 21/1/14
Gloria Graham Gerald Pollard, Jean Scoble is still in Saltash 15/10/13
Tonia Newitt Hello! I am looking for any old photographs of saltash and the local community ( schools, brownies , guides any groups)which will be exhibited in the saltash Library for the whole of August 18/7/13
Anne Dyer My family on the Hodge/Sleep/Hayne side are from Saltash. I was born in Saltash, unfortunately the house is no longer there in North Road.I am interested in what shops were in the area in the early 1950's. Mum is trying to remember. I am sure there was a shop selling cockles, not far from North Road, and a fish and chip shop. can anyone help. My Grandparents lived near Seccombes bakery. 14/7/13
Frederick johns Any of the Johns family in Saltash related to Frederick James Johns he is the brother of Peter, Lional Basil johns 12/7/13
steffany DeAnn harraway I am trying to find out if the harraway and coddens families are related in anyway and i know both families was of english and irish decent 24/4/13
Stu Hoy Welcome to Cornwall every1! Good to see The Celtic Cross now in position @Elwell Woods. Wonderful memories of Waterside walks with my late Dad Bill Hoy! We often walked up Elwell Lane past what was Daws Cremeries! Looking forward to returning to Saltash to visit! 22/4/13
Brenda Bonner Hi I'm researching my family tree - Wise Family, my Nan was born in Devonport had 8 siblings Ernie, Gladys, Victor, Jack, Lillian, Floss, Alfred and Winifred I think their parents were Alfred Wise and Eliza. ( 6/4/13
Helen Nancarrow I'm writing my biography Helen Williams, if anyone has memories of the 80s, 90s in saltash, please feel free to pass on anything that will trigger my memory. 21/3/13
P Nichols Does anyone know of a family called Martyn, as in Riochard Stephen Dyer Martyn or Richard Northey Martyn, or a family called Box in the late 19th/early 20th century, possibly living at 'No2 Home Park Place, Saltash'? 8/3/13
mike (bug) a'lee to anyone that remembers me . mainly from the 70s 8os erra. went to the top.middle.and bottom schools in salash great to here from anyone that knows me. 5/2/13
Gordon Harvey Gordon Harvey E mail address Having lived many years in saltash from 1943 to 1964 there must be many school friends and teenage friends I would like to hear from. During the month of April 2013 I intend to visit Saltash and look around the area, maybe vist some old friends. 25/1/13
Gordon Harvey Just some 10 weeks time, April 7th will be my 70th Birthday. Happy times. Saltash football club,Saltash cricket club,Saltash tennis club, st Mellion Football club Saltash YMCA.and many more Would love to hear from old friends. 23/1/13
Eric Pitcher Sorry Frank - was not Goerge Webber for 'Uplands'but,there are, I am convinced, folks still living in the local who bought originals in the 1960's. There's your answer. 18/12/12
Peter Dyer I have just found my Grandad on your Great War memorial - H H Dyer - do you want any info re his service, or do you have info on him. I have only just discovered that he lived in Saltash when he was called up. 12/12/12
Stewart Hi Mike, I remember you !! See you this evening at the sailing club. The font of all my memories most ghosts have passed through there at some time. 6/12/12
Mike Anning Was at Saltash Grammar School between 1954 and 1959. Lived here all my life except for a spell in the Navy from 1959 - 1973. Now living on the Waterside in what used to be the old Dwelly Hall.There are still a few Saltash born n bred folk around here, but I would love to hear from any of my old school mates 3/10/12
Chris Also for Rosemary: which side of Symons Road was no. 5 during the war? I understand that the numbers were changed in 1965. Thanks. 25/9/12
Chris To Rosemary Jeffery - do you remember if any of the houses in Symons Road were bombed during the war? Thanks. 25/9/12
Monica Bassett Monica Bassett Hi didn't live in Saltash but my grand parents did for a while. I dated a guy (Garth Aldon) from the town in the early 70's. We spent many a Saturday night at the Plough Boy and the Rodney! Love to catch up with Garth if any one know his where abouts. :-) X 21/9/12
Peter Trundley Captain Tom Winstanley post: My grandparents used to live on Trelawney Road - Sydney & Edith. They were good friends with Captain Tom Winstanley, and I knew him well - he used to come to my Grandparents for Christmas lunch, when we were all together as a family. He was a very kind man, and this post reminded me of fond memories. Pete Trundley 30/8/12
gerald pollard would like to know the where abouts of jean scoble, an old school friend. 25/8/12
Kaye Bonner Who's Got Talent 2012 (formerly Saltash's Got Talent). Auditions on Saturday 8th September at the Burraton Community Centre, also, Sunday 16th September at the Future Inns, Derriford. All proceeds to local charity, Jeremiah's Journey who support bereaved children. GRAND FINAL at The College of St Mark and St John on Saturday 13th October. £250 prize money. Further details and application form visit 22/8/12
Frank Does anybody know what builder built the bungalows in 'Uplands' Saltash. I think it may be a Mr George Webber but I am not certain, and what year.Many thanks'. 4/7/12
sheryl Blohm Hi, anyone remember me. Sheryl Eva. I left saltash high school in about 1965. I was the girl from South Africa, living in Cargreen with my aunt. 18/6/12
Marie Leonard I am doing research on my mother's family. We are decendants of the Grenfell's from Cornwall. Her great uncle, Dr. Henry Osbourne Grenfell was once mayor of Saltash and lived there with his family for many years in a home called "Tegresol". Her grandfather was Frederick William Grenfell who left England for the United States after a family dispute. From letters to our family it appears their home was in town very near the railroad station. Dr Grenfell had three sons, Eric, Eustace and Warwick. His daughter Audrey was his caregiver later in live and lived with him at Tegresol throughout the war. If anyone has information on our Grenfells I would be so very grateful. My husband and I are traveling back to England from the States this summer and will again visit Saltash for further 25/5/12
Rachel Webster In reply to Fred White: I am John Johnson's granddaughter and my mother was so thrilled to get your recent letter! She would love to write back to you but you didn't give your address. Would you be able to email it to me at Or if anyone else knows Fred White's address in Vaugneray, France, I would love to hear from you. Thank you! 21/5/12
Jane Drew I am interested in any memories locals might have about Jane's butchers shop at 108 Fore Street. The business was sold in the 1960s on retirement of George Jane. He had inherited the business from his father. 3/5/12
sarah Devereux Hi I am trying to get in touch with a couple I was friends with as a child back in 1980 ish, I went to st stephens and lived in wearde road and I think they were called jacky and fred Salter. They lived in a bungalow not far from wearde road but I cant remember the name of road, The husband was in the Navy and fought in the Falklands war. They had a golden cocker spaniel called Toby.If any can remember them or can help I would be thrilled,my email is I was called Sarah Pursey back then. 4/4/12
David Lander Does anyone have any information on the history of Lander road or anything about the Lander family? 15/3/12
Kath Grant. I would like to contact any decendants of Robert & Mary Hannah (nee Hibbert) Oldham or Dick and Bertha (nee Oldham) Pollard. I think there were three children in the Pollard family, Annette, Peter & Robert. Where are they now? 19/2/12
Fred White, Vaugneray, France I would like to be able to contact any members of the family (descendants) of Mr. John M. Johnson, who taught chemistry at Saltash Grammar School in the late 1940's and early 1950's. Can anyone help? 10/1/12
Dave Carpenter I am trying to trace the parents of Mary Jane Jago born 1829 in Saltash and who married Mockett Sandwell in Suffolk 12/12/11
Rosemary Jeffery Re exact date in April 1941 bombing of Saltash - a year ago I asked if anyone knew or remembered(!)whether it was 22 or 29. I was able to answer my own question when I visited the Imperial War Museum last month. If anyone is interested, it was 29th. 14/10/11
Lizzy Sharpe-Asprey Anyone who wishes to research their family history in Saltash, please visit Saltash Heritage Museum & Local Hitory Centre, at 17 Lower Fore Street. Or visit our website We also have around 16,000 old photos of saltash and its people. 3/9/11
Monica Bassett Hi didn't live in Saltash but my grand parents did for a while. I dated a guy (Garth Aldon) from the town in the early 70's. We spent many a Saturday night at the Plough Boy and the Rodney! Love to catch up with Garth if any one know his where abouts. :-) X 14/8/11
J HELLYAR I have spent 23 hours online over weeks trying to find accommodation in Saltash. Can anyone tell me of b and bs guest houses or hotels cheap for Sept 25th and 26th when I come from NZ please. Needs to be central and close to bus to Looe and I need address and if possible email of any you can find. thanks 23/6/11
Raymond Guy John Thomas, are you the same John Thomas that used to live in Homer Park Terrace, if you are then you will remember me. Trying to trace a Peter Howarth who's father ran a gents hairdresser in North Road before it was demolished to make way for the road bridge access.Also Fred Rogers who's dad ran a dairy in New Road and who's mother ran what is now a Spar store on the corner of New Road and Homer Park Terrace. 28/2/11
selena philp nee rice I used to live in Saltash over 20yrs ago and i'm trying to find Hannah Gould she would be 34 now, she had 2 sisters 1 older and 1 younger. Please can anyone help. 5/2/11
Dawn anyone know if Warfleton was once a farm? I am looking up family history and places. Especially churches and graveyards going back to 1800. Many thanks 1/2/11
Jim Colville I now realise my email address does not get displayed (on my last post) so it is Cheers Jim 27/1/11
Jim Colville Hi There, I am looking for 2 people from the Saltash area who attended Leith Nautical college in Edinburgh from 1981-1984. The two names are Pete Sneary and Peter Phillips - both were BP Cadets. I am trying to arrange a reunion later this year and it would be great if I could invite them. If you know them can you please pass on my details? Any help would be appreciated! 25/1/11
Zoe, Esther and Tracy We are three students from the University of Plymouth, undertaking research into the additional requirements of the over 60ís, and would appreciate any ideas for activities or schemes not already in existence in the Saltash area 20/1/11
Issy Taylor Hi Stu Have you still got the newspaper article? It would be great to see it. My email is 10/1/11
Stu Hoy Hello Mike Dure! Remb' you well! A fine footballer. I left Saltash in 1968 but visit regularly to catch up with friends from my teenage years. Some fine memories of a Cornish Town which is still "my home". *IsseyT..My Mum & Dad were married in Wesley Church which was then in Fore Street {by entrance to Victoria Road from Fore Street} 1/3/41, went away for an overnight stop, then came back to find it had been razed to the ground!He kept a newspaper article of that day which is a family treasure. 29/12/10
Issy Taylor I am putting together a programme for next year on the bombings in Saltash in April 1941. I am looking for people who remember it or had family who were involved in it. If you would like to get involved please contact me on the attached email address. Please pass this on to anyone you know. Thanks for your help. 13/12/10
Chris Batters Recently did a charity evening stage show in the function room of the Saltash Working Mens Club. I was most impressed! What a superb function room, and club. The members should be proud of what they have. I also found it most nostalgic to see my Grandfathers photographs in the entrance hall - Ernest Webber former Mayor of Saltash and one of the instigators of the club moving to the old original Mansion House many years ago. Well done the 'workies'! 17/11/10
Mike Dure Any contact with 'old' people from the 60's would be good, I come back at least once a month to see my mother, but rearly see anyone I know.Good days at Wesley Y Club,Boys club, football, working at Westward Foods,lots of fond memories.Have been away now for 24 years, maybe lots to catch up on. 14/11/10
Rosemary Moreton I have an eye-witness account of the night that Saltash was bombed in April 1941 but am not sure of the exact date - either 22nd or 29th. Can anyone enlighten me? 14/11/10
Nicola Pascoe Hi all, I'm currently the secretary of the Saltash Town Band and would love to hear from anyone who has played with the band in the past and any brass players living in the area interested in playing with the Band. We offer a very warm welcome at our Band rehearsals which we hold every Friday evening from 7.45pm at community school. We would also love to hear from brass musicians who holiday in the area, come along and spend a musical evening with us. 12/10/10
Monique Dolbear To Rosemary Moreton (nee Jeffery). I live at 5 Symons Road now. I bought the house with my husband in December last year. I find the history of Saltash very fascinating as I have lived here all my life. How wonderful that I hear of someone who has lived here before! 5/10/10
LIz Does anyone know when the estate at Saltmill was built. The estate consists of Lander Road, Newman Road and River View 7/9/10
Rosemary Moreton (nee Jeffery) Although there seems to be plenty of heritage type stuff to be found here and on other Saltash based web sites, there doesn't seem to be anything to replace the Do you Remember page on the old ThisisSaltash which would be of interest to ex-pats like me now in their sixties and seventies.Perhaps I haven't looked hard enough. Audrey? Ken? Joan? Henry? are you there? 13/8/10
June i would like to be able to get in touch with Paul Charman,who made an entry in February this year about finding records of his grandmother. 13/8/10
Chris Batters For Colleen Symons - Knew your Grandfather Ken well. Many moons ago when an Apprentice in Devonport Dockyard, I rode to work with him nearly every morning over my five-year apprenticeship. he was a great guy and a very good friend of my Parents Nell & Charles Batters. I look at this page periodically and I'm glad to see an 'old Saltash' name appear. Ken was a much liked and respected guy, and worked hard for the town of Saltash and the Caradon District. 13/8/10
Stu Hoy What a wondeful way to keep touch with people whose names I recognise some 42 years after I left Saltash! Often I visitor to Kernow I make sure my stop off is ..."Down Waterside" ...where I spent so much time with my DAD {Bill Hoy}! Now in Lichfiel/Staffs ....& looking forward to the day I return!!! Hello to you all 12/8/10
Colleen Symons I was hoping to find some information on my late Grandfather Kenneth Hodge, who i believe lived in Saltash all of his life. He was married to my Gran Eve Hodge but they seperated and my Grandad married a lady i remember to be called Heather-cat called vashti! I believe that he was a member of the council mfor many years and would love to find out more about him? 4/8/10
Mrs Christine Edgington nee Chubb I( am trying to trace relatives with the surname Chubb from St Germans Saltash I know my grandfather was Percy his mother was Evelina and have the names Edwin and William if any body recognises these names please contact me 25/7/10
Nick Stilgoe Hi to all those who went to school in Saltash in the sixties,great times to remember. Have not been back for a while but do keep in touch with a few from the old school. Am now living in Brisbane Australia(since 1985) and am semi retired and studying for an arts degree.Would like to hear from anyone from the old town who remembers me. 24/5/10
Graham Hands Hi, went to Saltash Junior School between 1965 to 1971. My last teacher was Mr Max Mutton. I am looking for classmates. Found 2 but looking for many more. Possible reunion 6/5/10
amin amarshi ( i am trying to locate a trevor williams from saltash. he was in the army in 1970s and was in india with the army.i met him in late 70s and have lost touch. i am now in the USA and would like to meet him when i am in UK this summer 5/4/10
mike hi im looking for a molly bessel who lived at new road saltash around 1980 school friend 21/3/10
Paul Charman looking for old records of an Amy Kathleen Bishop who married George Basford in 1929 in Saltash. Divorced in 1937 and 4 children never saw her again. Linked with William Andrew Kitto. All lived in Saltash. If anyone has any ideas about how to find my grandmother's details it would be wonderful 27/2/10
William Askew I am looking for Zoe Askew, who would be in her 40's now, her fathers name is Anthony Stephen Askew. 1/12/09
Vivienne Luke My mother, May Kempthorne (married name Luke) grew up in Saltash (born 1919) and lived at Albert Cottage, Albert Road. She attended a private school in Saltash and I am trying to find out its name and if any records have been kept of her time there. I wonder if anyone can help? My mother died in 2003. I live in Tasmania, Australia, so can't visit personally at the moment. 20/11/09
Rosemary Moreton Hello Mary Anne - I have just had a look at the web-site and saw your message re your forbears. If it's any help, I lived at no 5 Symons Road in Saltash during the war. It was a rented property,is still there as far as I know, and was probably named after your ancestor. A Mr.Symons also tried to teach me art at Saltash Grammar School in the 1950's (without any success whatsoever!)But there is probably no connection. 3/11/09
Stacey CORNWALL SOCIAL GROUP - Socialising & Friendship Organisation is offering HALF PRICE membership to anyone in the Saltash area until the end of September 2009. We organise a wide range of social events in and around the local area. We do a lot of good work to help people find friends and make more of their lives. The idea is to provide a ready-made 'group of friends' that anyone can join in and go out with. In a civilisied society, there should be no need for anyone to be lonely. Established since 1997, the idea has always been to get together a nice group of people to go out to social events and activities with. Over the years, we have helped thousands of local people find friends and enjoy a better social life. Meet new people, make new friends, and enjoy a great social life! The idea is to have fun, get people out of the house, and enable people to improve their social skills, network, and gain in confidence. Life should be more than just "Work-Telly-Sleep" every day - so we organise dining out at restaurants and country pubs, parties, walks, cycling, sports, outdoor activities, and all sorts of interesting things to do and enjoy. Oganisers - Cathy & Andrew Haglington Telephone : 08456 121 771 (charged at low cost local rates from any UK landline) Email : Web Site : 16/9/09
rosalind Sparkes[nee steed] Ive traced my Steed Ancestors to working in saltash in the 1800s.My gtgt grandparents William and anne steed then ran the sportsmans arms inn in 1861 in Notterbridge not far from saltash on the river.They remained there for 20 years and there is a photo in the francis frith collection online of the old pub along with lots of old photos of saltash etc.Are there any Steeds still in saltash?Regards.Rosalind Steed. 18/6/09
Mary-Anne Butcher I am trying to find all the areas in GB that our families migrated to Australia from and find that my husbands forebears came from Saltash. Their surname was Symons. Does anyone know of anyone by that name that still lives there please? ps I love the site and now have an idea of what Saltash loks like. Thank you 25/5/09
Bryan Lane I would like to contact people who knew my Great Uncle Harold Watters who lived at 28 Fore Street, I can confirm that my latest information on that address through Bruce Hunts book Aspects of Saltash shows that in 1959 it was a shop with presumably a flat over it. The shop was that of D Rosson Hairdresser. I can confirm that the said Harold Watters died in 1978 but there are two others, another Harold and an Elsie Watters at the address as confirmed by the records office at Truro. My only picture of Him is in a group photograph taken of the crew of the Mine sweeper H.M.S. Circe during the first world war and in the small group I wouldn't know which one is Him anyway. Living as I do between Portsmouth and Chichester I have the help of the Naval Museum in the dockyard but of course His time in the navy was but a small part of a long life, (He was 88 when He died). Contact me on 17/4/09
George Caithness Betty My father, Stanley Gordon Betty, was born on April 24th 1907at Callington, joined the R.A.F. at the age of fifteen and served over fifty years in uniform before retiring to the Royal Air Force home in Aboyne, in Aberdeenshire, where he died in 1996. I visited the Saltash area once with him in 1957 where we met some of his relations, but I didn't keep up any communications with them and it would be nice to be able to track down some of them now if it were possible. My relationship to him is that I am his younger son,albeit, now aged 72. Any help would be appreciated. 4/4/09
Veronica Page I am having great difficulty in tracing the parents of William Jago born in Saltash 1812. He moved over and lived in Stoke Damerel Devonport and his trade was 'Marblemason'. He married Eliza Prouse (Prowse)and they had severel children.Not all survived but I know William,Charles,Walter and Samuel did. Samuel Ebenezer was my 3xgt grandfather. His brother Charles was a coastguard at Wembury Devon and Zennor Cornwall. I would love to make a breakthrough on this and will be down in Saltash next week to try so any help would be welcome. Regards Veronica 3/3/09
Paul Brewer I Attended Saltash Grammar School from 1954 to 1959 ,and I lived in Antony near Torpoint,leaving the area to travel to many places ,now living in Ludgershall ,near Andover Hampshire.I remember Dave Harroway,Mike Anning,Vanda Bersey,and Catherine Shears. 9/2/09
Julian Chenery Thanks to all who came and supported Borough in our win over St Blazey - one of the biggest upsets in the history of the Cornwall Senior Cup. We are now home to either Callington or Mousehole in the next round, 2.30pm Saturday, 24th January 2009, and would really appreciate Saltash getting behind the team again. See you at Saltmill! 12/12/08
kaye bonner Hello Readers, to the ex Wearde Comprehensive School, do you remember our last reunion, myself, Sarah George, Liz Fedrick, Sarah Jane Pendered and Alison Walsh organised?..... I've been thinking about perhaps organising another one next year.... if anyone is interested in perhaps joining a team of organisers and perhaps again, raising any funds to a local Charity??? your thoughts would be warmly welcomed. 9/11/08
Julian Chenery Can I draw your attention to an item I have just added to the events diary. St Stephens Borough take on one of the giants on Cornish football when they play St Blazey in the Cornwall Senior Cup at Saltmill on Saturday, 6th December 2008, 2.30pm kick-off. Come along and support a team full of Saltash lads. 24/10/08
Geoff Clark Hello all i now live in Saltash but when i was younger i used to have a mate who lived in the town his name is John Stentiford (think thats spelt right) he had foster parents who worked with the youth club down at the waterside and they lived down at Forder if anyone has any contact details for John please get in touch 31/8/08
Chris Batters For Frances Jervis - great to hear from you and hope all is well with you. Yes, they were great times in the 60's at the Wesley Youth Club. Hopefully we might meet up for a coffe one day - not seen you since the late 70's. For Alan Tout - yes I think it would be great to all get together again. The last reunion was an outstanding success. Best wishes to all readers. 24/7/08
Alan Thurston I am trying to contact Andrew BARRETT who lived in Saltash in the late 1990s. The email address that I used back then does not work anymore. I am seeking more family tree information. 1/7/08
Sallie Denby sorry forgot to give contact details. Mums married name was EARWAKER and she lived in both Clear View and North Road during the 1970 -1990's when she moved to Bognor to be near me 26/6/08
Sallie Denby Sadly my mum Barbara May McCarthy has just died 1917 - 2008. She was born and bred in Saltash and was a watersider. Her family were Gills and Jeffords. I can trace Gill down to present day, but have lost trace of Jeffords. Are there and left in Saltash? Please get in contact 25/6/08
Sally Ingleby - 07969190118 Wondered if anyone knew the whereabouts of Tim Stokes who went to Saltash Grammar School about 1965 - 67? I think he went into the army. I was a friend of his and would like to get in touch. 15/5/08
Julian Chenery Trying to locate former St Stephens Borough players, officials & supporters for 10 year anniversary events in May (see events page). Contact me via e mail CHENEJ1@NORWICH-UNION.CO.UK 11/3/08
June Dell trying to locate graham grueitt who used to live in Trowbridge and was last heard of moving away to Saltash. An old friend would like to hear how Graham is. 3/3/08
Sandra Lawrence I am researching my family tree and wonder if anyone would know of a Mrs DV Brockbank who I believe lived or worked in the Saltash area in the 1980's. I believe she may be connected with my family, if you know of her at all please contact me. 3/3/08
Rosemary Moreton Just to say that this site is not nearly as pretty or welcoming as the old one which featured a lovely pic of the Bridge; also the Visitors' Book is now less easy to track down. Perish the thought but have we old ex-pats been shuffled off in the interests of "bizness"? 2/3/08
Mike Angrove Have been looking at this website on/off for some time and it just gets better. Congratulations. My first holiday was spent at my great grandparents (Chubb) house on St Stephens Road in 1963. It's the last terraced house on the right going out of town. Will be revisiting the area next month and look forward to contact with any cousins. (Chubb/King/Johns/Cotton) 8/2/08
Helen Pearn Hello, I lived in Saltash from 1976 - 1989 and loved it, what a great little town, great school and college. I especially have very fond memories of the Kenwanie Youth Club, the May Day Carnival, the Christmas Carol singing parade, the Sunday market and the donkey darby!! I also enjoyed sailing and the yacht club ... Happy Days, Long Live Saltash !!!!! 4/2/08
Alan Tout Hello to all you ex-North Road School attendees out there, about 10 years ago we had a reunion which was organised by Geraldine and Robin Gould. Isn't it time we had another one? If anyone who attended North Road School is interested please contact me at Come on its party time!!!! 11/1/08
Jeanette Fox Lookin for Trevor Maunder he left the comprehensive school 1969 and joined the army, Last heard from was in Germany in hospital with burns.He had brothers.Also wondering if any one knows Linda Wellinton would love to catch up.I have been living in New Zealand for 15 years 11/11/07
Jeanette Lines nee Fox This is a great site,I spotted a name I know Alan Tout Jumbo, pity ther is no email address.I now live in new Zealand. 11/11/07
frances jervis Hello to Chris Batters. Remember all those amateur dramatics and Gilbert & Sullivan shows. I have great memories of fun times at the Wesley Youth Club where all faiths were made welcome. I only get to Cornwall every few years but I will have to stop in Saltash next time and have a good look round. 6/11/07
Zoe Westcott (nee Askew) I'm 41 now went to Saltash primary was in mrs Fullers class then Mrs Eggamors Mr Stuarts Mrs warricks. love to here from any one that remembers me. Alison Coles, Angela Robertson were also in my class. My sister was Julie Askew she was 2 years older. 6/11/07
ann smith hello,my name is ann ann rich was born in 1941 at home park road my relatives were from saltash and looking for help in finding my stepgrandad had a shopin fore street in the 40s his name was dale stephens,my other relitives are bennetts of saltash.thank you would love to come back one day with thanks 31/10/07
Lesley Hodge My husband's father was born in Saltash and grandparents are buried in St Stephens Churchyard - hello to any relatives still residing in Saltash 16/10/07
Fiona Garness (Hayter) My family lived in Saltash from 1966 to 1979. I went to St Stephen's School then Saltash High. We moved to Australia May 1979, but I still miss Saltash and the people I remember. 5/10/07
Andrew Eatwell My Grandfather was Les Williams who played the organ at the Methodist church in the 60s. My Grandma was Ivy Williams. One of her relations lived in "Ferndale" Saltash passage possibly a Tozer or Jefford, can anyone rember who it could have been? I miss coming to Saltash since the death of my Granparents 14/9/07
Randall Northam Messages from my cousin, with whom I'd lost touch, and someone who I used to live next door to? Spooky. I was born at no 2 Fore Street in 1944 and went to North End Primary before leaving aged about 9 for Plymouth. I can't remember many names but I do remember Mabel Stanton. I was 9 and she was 7. Does anybody else remember being forced to wave flags when Princess Margaret (?) visited in the late 40s early 50s? Great site, keep up the good work. 19/7/07
m maunder lived here for 18 years and it hasnt changed a bit ! shame that ! and as for those speed bmps in fore street ( they say people dont need 4x4s !) nice to drive through every once in a while ! hello to any one that remembers me ha ha !! 4/7/07
Pete Hodge In response to Clara Redden- I learned it as: Salt for obvious reasons, essa meaning estuary...saltessa eveolved into Saltash. The picture number would indicate: the first two digits representing 1959, the 100th anniversary of the bridge 25/6/07
Janet Davis I am researching my ancestors the Pearn's who lived in Middle Street, Saltash in 1841. My 3 x Great Grandfather was Edward John Phillip Pearn, b. 1805, a Captain in the Royal Navy. Married to Elizabeth b. Falmouth 2006. They later moved to Portsea in Hampshire with their children. I am trying to establish whether Edward J.P.Pearn had any brothers/sisters, and who his parents were, and have so far drawn a blank. Can anybody help please? 24/6/07
Tracy Gregory I am looking to move to Saltash as it seems a fantastic place and I'm sure my family and I will be warmly welcomed. Am feeling a little scared, but am sure it will be well worth it! 6/6/07
Kaye Bonner A very informative site, it will aid newcomers to the town nicely... If anyone wants to get in touch, my email address is I was Hooper. 29/5/07
Jim Harper Left Saltash 1975 join the army my mother and sister still live there Saltash still my home i now live in eastry kent 26/5/07
Ross Allmett i live in saltash its a great town not a lot to do but its great 6/4/07
Clara Redden Question? What is the origin of the name Saltash? I have an old photo of the Royal Albert Bridge - had been in the possession of my family for years. We always wondered why the Davis family owned it. It is labeled "photochrom copyright 59585". In fact we just identified the bridge a few years ago. And I just discovered this site this morning. Lots of great information. 24/3/07
rosalind steed This site is very interesting.Will be visiting saltash to trace STEED ancestors who lived and worked in Fore st in 1840.Can anyone help me find old photos of saltash from 1840 to 1850?Does anyone have photos of Trematon village 1850 to 1860? 7/3/07
Ron Vickery I will be making full use of this site in the future; nice to have a direct line 27/2/07
Alan Pugh I went to Saltash Grammer in the late 50's .I now live in South Australia on the beach. It's great to read about the town and past people at the school. If anyone remembers me get in contact. Keep the site going. 27/2/07
Mandy Adsett (nee Clayton) I am trying to trace information about my late father Henry 'Larry' Clayton who lived and remarried in 1971, unfortunately my Father died in 1973, I am depseratley seeking information ~please 30/1/07
Chris Batters Old Saltash boy who still returns fairly regularly and still has great affection for the town. Attended North Road School, and the two new schools at Longstone very briefly before ending back at North Road with John Bidgood and staff, a great team. Left school in 1961 for a Dockyard Apprenticeship then left Saltash in 1966. Love to here from any old mates. 24/1/07
Rosemary Moreton Barry - you were creative/artistic etc because you fashioned me in plasticine playing the pianna when I(and you) were about 8 - anyone who did that must be talented - goes without saying! 21/1/07
Barry Northam I was born in 1941 and lived in Saltash until 1950. I am a cousin of Dianne Dagnall [with whom I had lost touch [until now].For some time my family lived at 3 Alamein Road [next to Rosemary Moreton;I am delighted to be remembered as artistic,etc.- thank you, Rosemary].Although I have not since lived in Saltash, I live in Devon and am a frequent visitor to Cornwall. 14/1/07
Alan (Jumbo) Tout Hi all. I was born in Saltash in 1945, went to Saltash County Secondary School until 1960. I left Saltash in 1968. I still have relatives living in the town and get back when ever I can. Saltash will always be my "home" Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. PS great web site. 21/12/06
Antonia I lived in Saltash from 1976 until 1990. I went to Longstone Infants and then to Saltash Comp. I still feel like its home when I go to visit my relatives even after 17 years away! 16/11/06
Karla and Naz Jenulevich Hello! We are the owners/innkeepers of a Bed and Breakfast in Plymouth, Vermont USA called the Salt Ash Inn. The town of Plymouth, VT settled by miners from your town and was originally called Saltash. Check out our website: (I hope that it is alright for me to post my web site here.) We would love to meet some people from the original Saltash! 13/10/06
Jacqui Howell Hi My name is Jacqui Howell (Nee Horner) I went to wearde comp from 79 to 84 does anyone remember me ,i had gingr hair My best friend was Karen Mann. 7/10/06
ben mcguiggin just wanting to get back in touch with tim lancton his mam ad dad run the waterside pub i would like him to email me 2/10/06
Pete Hodge Just checking in! 33 years in Canada but still an old Essian at heart. Hi Dad. 29/9/06
David Prior 07798728251 Looking for information regarding the Donovan family (in the Services) who lived in North Road, Saltash (Number 75). I last heard of them in 1962 when they left Singapore but they would probably have moved by now. I cannot remember any of their first names or even which branch of the Services their father was in. I can only recall the name of their daughter Lindsey/Lindsay. Any information regarding their whereabout would be appreciated after so long. 26/9/06
Catherine Dale What a neat website! the pix are just as I remember the place, have visited with my family twice, as the in-laws live in Saltash. we hope to come back soon for more family time! 2/9/06
Judy Archer Just been on a nostalgia trip around Saltash - my family the HOYS lived there for many generations until the 1960's.(Frank Hoy, my grandfather, was a town councillor for many years in the 1950's/60's) If Stu Hoy reads this- I think his dad Bill Hoy was a relative - perhaps he can contact me. If anyone else remembers the Hoys of Hamoaze Terrace I would be interested. My grandfather drew many sketches of Saltash as he remembered it as a boy around 1900. 1/9/06
Dr Paul Fryer I am looking for relatives of Constance, James and Winifred Fryer, who used to live at Oakdene in Saltash, and should still have family in this area. I am James Fryer's son and I would love to re-establish contact with familiy members. 31/8/06
jumil I used to live in the Wheatsheaf during the renovations back in the late 60's ,I always felt uneasy up in the flat especially on the 3rd floor and attic rooms.My bedroom was right at the end of the top floor and was originally a part of a small house that was knocked through into the pub.I often heard footsteps going up and down stairs....only there were no stairs near my room!!!! I was told later that a staircase did come into that room but had been boarded over.No wonder my friends never wanted to sleep over. Any one out there have any history on the Wheatsheaf when it was 1st built or about its previous occupants 'alive or dead', I was told that theBlack Prince used to stay there ,fact or fiction? Fond memories too of Wesley youth club, I played Snow white in one of the pantos,where are the 7 dwarfs now?? 26/8/06
Colin Black Hi I was in Saltash for the regatta.It was great, keep it up. What is the website that has details? - 26/8/06
Greville Bickerton My uncle Hector Munro lived in Maristow Tarrace until he was killed in the Great War. I seek any information about him, does Maristow Terrace still exist? he lived at No. 4 and his wife's name was Elsie. Any info. most gratefully received 23/8/06
Gemma Oldbury I was born and raised in saltash, near to bishop cornish primary on churchil walk, we moved away a few years ago (me and my family) though i'l be visiting soon without them for a long time. I live up north now but it still feels wrong living in a city compared to something i would have thought of as a small village type town x x x 6/7/06
Sylvia Berry I was born in Saltash (nee Smale) and my father Sid used to live in Fore Street with his mother, B. Brooking, his sisters, Dinah (later Cornish), Gladys (later Fraser) and brothers, Joe, Lin, Ruben and Nipper. Any news about the family would be welcome. 30/6/06
Andrea(Dena) McAlpine nee Harraway I was born in Saltash and lived there for 47 years until we moved to Tauranga New Zealand. My eldest son Mark Vincent still lives there. I love NZ but Saltash will always be home!! I do recognize a few names but not many! Brilliant website for "keeping in Touch". Any old school friends out there --- I would love to hear from you. 11/6/06
pamela johnson found it very infomative have visted many times to saltash, and really fill as though I am home when I cross the tamar bridge, and hoping I soon will be living in Saltash thank -you for all the helpful info 14/5/06
Tony Cole Attended North Road school between 1955 - 1959 and before that attended the junior school. Born and bred in Saltash, still living in Saltash anyone around that era contact my email address. 5/5/06
james maddox great stuff still after any unwanted photos from 77 80 cheers i was back in saltash last year and had a great night out with brynn 10/4/06
Jennifer Thomas(neeRabey) Hi I used to live in saltash and my parents still do.I still spend time with friends there as it still feels like home!Went to saltash junior school and wearde comp.Enjoy the occasional sat night in the Brunel as its always quite lively!Isnt it funny 1 minute no bakery now a choice of them!Anyone remember Roberts toy shop? 9/3/06
Madzia (Madelaine) hi I from poland and a don't good speak english, but my friends is in the Saltash and she talk to me is very beautiful town:) 5/3/06
roy harris(harry) hi,good to see a site on saltash.lived in montgomery close until 1969.still riding m/bikes build custom bikes,ride a harley chop,just never grew p.anyone who remembers me get in well ride free. 28/2/06
Daniel Bessell hi everyone i moved to saltash when i was 3 months old until i was 20 i went to wearde comp does anyone remember me,i now live in kent and im now 28. I look 4ward to hear from you 13/2/06
Rosemary Moreton re. Dianne Dagnall's post of 11/10/05 - we lived next door to a family in Alamein Road in 1948 whose surname was Northam - I remember in particular Barry, who was a very talented artist/creative person, and who was around my age. Sorry I cant help with the Merriott name, but would be interested to know if there is any connection with the Northams that we grew up with. 10/2/06
Darren Standlick Hi.Don't recognise many names here apart from Andy Fedrick and my big sister(ha ha).Great website,hope to see more names here soon. 8/1/06
Susan McCormack.nee Jones I was born in Redruth andlived in Fore street Saltash as a very small child but i still remember fond memories.I revisited in August 2005 with my sister Janet and we "came home". It will be in our hearts forever. 8/1/06
Mark Schutz As a French visitor from Britanny,I come over to Saltash practically every year to see some friends of mine and I am really pleased to see such a well-organized website. Congratulation and happy new year to Saltash citizens. 28/12/05
wndy brown was peice wendy brown looking for son and old school freinds 6/12/05
Leanne Williams I am organising the 40th Anniversary celebration of Saltash School and would love to hear from anybody who wants an invite to the event of December 3rd 2005. I've got quite a few photos of people with no names! Get in touch for an invite. See if you can spot yourself!! 15/11/05
ben stracey saltash online how fantastic to see my home town on a globally via the webb propper job! 30/10/05
George Belshaw Great to see news of the place that provided the happiest time of my life, when I lived in Hillside Road. 26/10/05
Carol Cassidy I lived in saltash but am currently working in Can Picafort, Mallorca. I will be home in a few week and am looking forward to seeing every1 again 15/10/05
Nicki Roberts (nee Standlick) Just helping my son with his homework about SALTASH found this visitors book.Have lived here for over 40 years.Still the best place to be.Good website. 15/10/05
Dianne Dagnall I am still trying to find any trace of relatives who lived at 2 Fore St Saltash, by the name of Merriott, they were my Grandad, Grandma, my mother Dorothy and my Dad took us there each summer holiday we had such fun. The other reltives surnames were Greenland, and Northam. If anyone knows of them please let me know. 11/10/05
Alan Lindsay Trying to trace some family roots and know i have some from saltash,my granmother on my fathers side left saltash when she was 4 years old with the rest of the UREN clan to move up to Fife in Scotland and i am just wondering if anybody can help with any family history from down saltash way,by the way my grandmother is now 93 years young but she still has the accent.hope to hear from someone soon 5/9/05
Petula Patey Lived in Mortimore Close for 8 years in the 90s. Now in living in The City of Sails - Auckland. Love the web-site. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers us - The Patey Family (Musicians extrodinaire) on 29/8/05
peter wilshaw Very historic, Brunel fan. 15/8/05
Zoe Askew went to Saltash junior school in the 70's. My big sister is yvonne. Hoping to hear from some old friends. 15/8/05
Marek Trojnarski Great remind of Saltash I owe to a retired couple who live in "SROKA" house. I've met them 2 years ago during classical music concert in Plymouth and was guested by them in Saltash. Ms Honnywill, I suppose this is corerct name, loves ducks and Mr Honnywill plays the piano with great passion. If anyone could contact us I would strongly appreciate. My number is +48668187027. All the best to Saltash residents 31/7/05
Melville Grigg Been living in Saltash for just over a year having moved from further down the county. super place to live. 2/7/05
Kevin Procter oes anyone know anything about Walter R Ward, a painter born in Saltash in 1869 who spent some of his life in Nova Scotia, Canada. The address on the back of his paintings was 'Brightleigh', Saltash. He painted a number of local scenes including Mary Newman's Cottage, and I am trying to obtain a print or photo of this for a local project. 1/7/05
Lola Walker ( nee Brewer) I lived in Saltash from 1950 - 1961 ( Warfelton Crescent). Then moved to Plymouth for a short time, before coming to live in Newcastle upon Tyne - a great City. The Tall Ships Race will start from here once again in July. Occasionally I visit a few remaining relatives in Saltash - very nostalgic. 29/6/05
Eladio I'm a Spaniard who was in Saltash three years ago trying to improve my english. A quite place with nice people 28/6/05
Colin Davies DAVIESCR@AOL.COM My brother and I lived in Saltash from 1950 - 1966 at 159 Callington Rd, near the junction A374/A38. I now live near Salisbury, Wilts and my brother Peter lives in Southampton, Hants. It was great to find this site to see how things have changed. Anyone who rembers me please drop me a line. 28/6/05
Nick Stilgoe Lived in Saltash from 1954-1969 above Underhills chemist in Fore St, now live in Brisbane, Australia but its good to get back for a visit every so often. Anyone who remembers me please feel free to drop me a line. 14/6/05
James Ingles Come on the Town Council. Don't sell the station for housing! Do you have no respect for that fantastic bridge? 13/6/05
Derek Tait Anyone interested in old photos of Saltash Passage,please check out my site at: 8/6/05
Gareth, Denise, Geraint and Sian James We're coming down to Saltash in July to see old friends - we were hoping the Celtic Cross would be up by now, what's happening with it? 17/5/05
Bill Dent "One and All" on the 10th July 2005 Saltash will be hosting a VE/VJ Commemmoration and Celebration Day, all are welcome - in particular veterans of that time. It promises to be a great day parade, service and laying of wreaths in the afternoon, followed by entertainment in the evening. If you would like more information then please don't hesitate to contact me Bill Dent (Vice Chairman organising committee). Before I finish This is a national day of commemmroation and celebration, and in no way replaces VE and VJ Day 15/5/05
Kevin Procter I moved to Saltash two years and it's a great place to live and bring up two young children. Saltash has a great atmosphere to it. You may like to know that The Tamar Preservation Society is trying to increase interest, both locally and elsewhere, in two fine old properties in Saltash, namely Elliotts stores and Mary Newmans cottage. If you have memories of either that you could share with us and the visitors to these sites, or would like to keep in touch with what we are doing in this part of your past we would like to hear from you. You could drop a line to Elliotts, It should be 27 Lower Fore Street, Saltash, PL12 6JQ or to the e-mail address, - we really need your help to keep these places alive, just by visiting either Elliotts or Marys when you are next here, or asking your friends too, or you could join us as a Friend of the TPS 14/5/05
Alan & Penny Beevor We lived in Saltash from 1975 to 1985 and three of our children were born (at home!) in the town. Now looking to retire back to the town as we loved it so much! 12/5/05
Sian Murch i live in saltash and think its great 11/5/05
andrew miller interesting to know saltash is still alive. 30/4/05
michaela what happend to the donkey darby? 28/4/05
Stu Hoy/Lichfield UK Moved from Saltash in 1968 to study in Birmingham, but am a regular visitor across The Tamar. Father worked in SWEB at top of Fore Street all his days {Bill Hoy} and I went to school at Cross park 59/66. Friends still live in Saltash which after all these years I am proud to say ...."this is my Cornish home" ....Stu Hoy. 1/4/05
Tina Fulcher Hi all - great site - just to let you know that Saltash Town Band now has a new website: If you are interested in joining the band, then please come along to the Music Block at Saltash Community School on either a Tuesday or Friday (6.00 p.m.) or contact Tina on 847285 28/3/05
james maddock i lived in mulberry road and am searching for any photographs of the jubilee and does anyone remember me my name is james maddox also would like any old school photos from 75 to 80 9/2/05
Ian Denton Recently viewed the old family house at "Cresta" 40 Callington Rd.Quite a few changes in Saltash however the nostalgia is still all there.Happy memories of a family that started living there over 100 years ago. 19/12/04
Joshua bonjour, i hhav been livin in france 4 over 2yrs now and i would like 2 see more pictures of la saltsh! 18/12/04
Louise I Live in St Budeaux and I can see Saltash every night when I go home I think it is lovely! 9/12/04
luke smith i live in saltash. lots of good stuff. i love it. 26/11/04
Alan I met my first love in Saltash Now im an old man with not long to live and would like to see some pictures of where the only love of my live blossomed. Any chance you could add some? 20/11/04
Mike Am away in Iraq and have been for six months. it's good to keep in touch 27/10/04
Ann A great web-site - looked up Saltash as my family are going to be staying at the Notter Mill Country Park in November for a week and wanted to see what was available locally. The information contained within the web-site was excellent and I am looking forward to my holiday even more now. 15/10/04
Claire Hayward My Grandfather lived in Trelawney rd in Saltash for many years, Captain Tom Winstanley, as he was always known!We spent many v happy summer holidays with him.Nice to revisit my favourite part of the country. 10/10/04
Andy Fedrick This is just a quick hello to all those people who didn't attend the 20 year re-union. I have lost touch with too many people over the years!! If you've got 5 minutes drop me a line, it'll be good to chat to some old friends. 20/9/04
Joyce Whitley My name is Joyce Whitley. I am the daughter of Janice Belsher. We left Saltash when I was 5 (I am now almost 40). We lived at 14 Brookdown Terrace. I went to school somewhere close by. I now live in North Carolina, USA. If there is anyone out there who knows anything about my old home, family, school or friends (Jillian ? Who also lived on Brookdown Terrace and a boy named Andrew who lived along the back side of the terrace somewhere) could you please contact me. My mother died a few years ago and we never got a chance to discuss anything about her life, home etc. I have an uncle in the area named Larry Belsher and my Grandmother was Amelia Belsher. 17/9/04
Dianne Dagnall Interesting site, My family were from there, My mother, Grandma and Grandad they lived at 2 springfield Fore St Saltash, (Name of Merriott, any one know them) I spent many holidays there its like a second home to me, 5/5/04
Barry Buckingham hello could any one please help trying to find a Martin Savery use to live Newman Road area of Saltash had two sisters would like to get in contect again. thank you. 10/4/04
Christopher Syer I am researching my Elliott and Hooper ancestors who came from Saltash. There must be some of my distant relatives still around: I was interested to see Elliott's shop, and to learn that your Deputy Mayor is a Hooper. 18/3/04
Stick and Jamie Enjoyed the newsletter. Good to see Madge and Harold have moved on from Ramsey street! 6/3/04
Denise Stark About time the station got sorted. Have you seen what Bristol are doing with Brunel over the next few years? 1/2/04
Andy and Debbie Perry nice to view this site brings back lots of memories,lived in castle view from 1983-92. 25/1/04
terry leggett not getting back to saltash.its lovely to just browse 23/1/04
kirsty humphreys (KAUZE fundraiser) this is a lovely layed out wesite and i loved every min of being on it from KAUZE 23/1/04
John Mark Please save the Station and turn it into the Brunel Museum you have always said it would be. 19/1/04
Hannah Howarth Although not many people know about Saltash i think as soon as they come accross this website they will know a lot,very informative-WELL DONE! 15/1/04
Marc Emond Anyone who would like to see photos of Saltash why not try We also have a forum for contacting old friends etc 11/1/04
Jacky R Looking for old friends residents of Saltash thier names Preston and Linda Cartmell if anyone can help me get in touch with them I would be very gratefull 11/1/04
steve garrett An informative website that is well put together. Would it be possible to add a couple of digital photos of the town. It would be nice to pass them on to friends across the world. 22/12/03
Keith Mason An excellent site, well done. 7/12/03
Barry Buckingham What a good read. Nice to see names from the past. I lived in Saltash till I married. Mother still lives there so I get back often.Would like to here from any one who knows me. 19/11/03
Vanessa McGrenery (nee Telfer) Hello, my name is Vanessa McGrenery (nee TELFER. I see my 'little' brother Tony has written in from Las Vegas. I lived in Saltash from 1954 till 1966 with odd sojourns in Singapore, Gibraltar and New Zealand. I now live in Bedfordshire. I saw a comment from Cliff Tomaschewski - hi! do you remember 1965/66 with Dick Madge, Trevor Cook, David Rice, Susan Hill, Elspeth Nicolls et al? Would love to know how life treated you (I think Dick and Trevor joined the Navy via Manadon?). This site brings back memories :) 19/9/03
Darek from Poland.Pozdrawiam I was in Saltash in 2002 , i was worked near here in plympton for 3 months, best wishes for personel from china regards 29/8/03
Rosemary Moreton (nee Jeffery) I was born in Saltash in 1941 and we lived at 5, Alamein Road - our family (the Jefferys) was the first to move into the council houses built after the war. I remember my mother being "given the key" by Douglas Marshall MP. It's a great site and much appreciated by this daughter of Kernow in exile! 15/8/03
Peter Hodge Left Saltash in 1973. Last visit 1999. Greetings to all people still resident. Hi Dad! 3/8/03
Paul Keith Currently out here in sunny Thailand teaching English. Good to have a website that reminds us far off travellers of home; however, I'm in no hurry to return just yet! A few more photos would be nice, possibly Saltash Camera Club could assist(?) 30/6/03
Kenneth Wall. I lived at 72, Warfelton Cresent,Saltash until I left to join the army in 1952. I still have a brother, Jim & a sister, Susan, living in the town . Anyone who remembers me from Warfelton Cres,; or my years with the local cadet force, you may contact me at my E-mail address. 17/4/03
Matt Coot Saltash est super! 4/4/03
Paul (Serge) Northcott email= Would like to hear from anyone who sat HSC at Saltash Grammar in 1950, or SC in 1948. 30/3/03
Richard Palmer I was born in Saltash and moved to Yorkshire in 1982. It's good to see that good old Saltash, safe and friendly is still there! My memories are not always as pleasant as I would have wished but such is the way our lives span out. Thank you to everybody who has contributed to this site - long may it continue to thrive and grow 18/3/03
K.Bhuvandas Seems to be very helpful 17/3/03
Molly Le'min-Tan I am very impressed with Saltash maintaining their heritage and I look forward to visit this Summer. Hope there will be lots of interesting events. 8/3/03
Paul Gay A very good web site. As a cornishman living in North Wales, it is good to be able to keep in touch with my birth place in 1944 !!! 11/2/03
Derek Tait. I am currently compiling a book of old photos of Saltash & Saltash Passage.If anyone is interested in supplying any old photos of the town or its people & would like to see their photos in print, please get in touch. The book is to be published & sold all over the world so should have a good readership. Thanks for any help you can give. 7/2/03
Mrs H Holloway-Neville I shall shortly be moving to Saltash and found this site very useful for schools information. I was also looking for contacts for Brownies, Guides, Beavers and Cubs, but couldn't find any. Can you help? 10/1/03
Dan Jordan What a pleasant surprise to see Saltash on the www. I was there many years ago when in the RN. I recall the Wheatsheaf Hotel I believe it was and the time, as a member of a whaler crew, came second in the Saltash Regatta. Many pleasant memories. I am now living in Perth Western Australia and would love to visit the place again. There was a lovely old pub on the banks of the Tamar further up the river wish I could recall the name. Best wishes to Saltash and thanks for many wonderful memories of the place 18/12/02
Ellie Not bad site but i would havea few negative points to say about the town council. I think they under estimate young people. We should have a say in what we would like see saltash have we all live as a community and saltash should satisfy both adults and children! 19/11/02
Laura Jones Just can't believe Saltash has a website! I'm up at uni, and as much as I wanted to get away from the place, I miss Saltash, in fact Cornwall so much. I've just spent nearly an hour looking over and over the site. Sad isn't it... I'll be home soon!!! (Hello to everyone at Livewire!!!) 1/11/02
Adrian Although in the main a plymouth site has links to every attraction on both sides of the Tamar. well worth a look! 26/9/02
sulli I was just wondering if anone actually knows when Saltmill will be completed properly. I use the skatepark but the rest seems to be looking a bit empty. Any info please email me 9/9/02
Al Sysope Visitors to this site might like to know that a web page has been set up as a bulletin board, meeting place and general information page for former pupils of Saltash Grammar School. Your contributions to this web page are welcome. If you attended the school at any time up to 1965, this site is for you. All memories, anecdotes, photos, pictures, welcome. Photos of yourself then and now? Use this site to contact former friends from that era. The web page is at and entries can be made by emailing them to . Next site update - 4th September 2002. 13/8/02
Rosemary Thankyou for a very interesting site, It is many years since I have lived in Saltash, & it would have been nice to be able to look at some photos for a trip down memory lane, or was I not looking in the right place ?. Is it perhaps possible to see the electoral roll for finding old friends. ??. It was still nice to see what was available... Sincerely Rosemary. 11/8/02
John Hooper Congratulations to the Watersiders for cleaning Sand Beach Quay and our hardworking councillor Baz Gregory 5/8/02
Debby Donovan Greetings to all from Timmins, Ontario, Canada! Searching ancestry: John Henry Bray, Jessie Bray and Audrey Sarah Bray c.1900. John & Jessie were married in Calstock Church on July 22, 1907. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Please touch base with me if you have any related information. Thank you. 30/7/02
Brian Pearson We would like to trace Colin Maycock, previously of Mill Hill, who moved to Saltash in the late 80's / early 90's. We would welcome any information as we were pals for many years after meeting in Havana in 1970. 26/7/02
John Thomas I was brought up in Saltash and the websiste is just like Saltash, a bit bland! 19/7/02
Rev Ted Hamer Very pleasant site - thank you. We lived in Hobbs Crescent back in the early 1960s, and my late father used to teach Biology at Saltash Grammar School 1958-60. We'd like to contact any of his old pupils. Also my old friend from Plymouth Cllege, Brian Lamerton (also a Saltash dweller), and any of the Telfer family formerly of Essa Road. 19/7/02
Peter Johns I was born in Saltash in 1931, now living in Gosport ,Hants, how pleasant to see your website and what wonderful memories you have given me, I think its superb. 18/7/02
Mr Mrs N Walters Extremely helpful and interesting web site. 2/5/02
Peter Johns Fantastic website,very very interesting 27/4/02
Sarah Wolf I have lived in Saltash twice and went to Longstone Infants and Longstone Junior School. I have very fond memories of growing up with a view of the Tamar and walking up and down the steepest streets in the world (particularly when you are only 7 or 8). Thanks for the site and keep up the good work. 18/4/02
Matt Coot Hello everybody. this is great. 26/3/02
Eliza and Jamie Brill website we think its alot better now our town is ONLINE 11/3/02
Eliza and Jamie We are children from Brunel primary school who are learning the history of Saltash.We were going to our computer Suite to look for a website about Saltash and we found this one.We love Saltash,if you ever get the chance to come to Cornwall then take it because the place ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! 11/3/02
Mark A very good website with all the information 27/2/02
Angela M Patton My grandmother was born in St Stephens in 1875. I have visited twice and will come from USA this July 2002 for a week. Looing very forward to this holiday with family. 26/2/02
Antony Mark Telfer I now live in Las Vegas USA.I was born in Plymouth 1963 and lived my 1st 3 years on Essa Road in Saltash. Just taking a "look back" via the internet.Nice site. Thank you. 23/2/02
Kenneth William Speare Fascinating, this is an ideal way to keep Saltash "natives" in touch with each other across the world. I learned about the site from my friend, Derek Bottomley, who lives in Canada. Keep up the good work. 22/2/02
Michele Stephenson Very pleasing to go through this website. Directions are clear and easy to read. 8/2/02
Tony Bunce When I come across Brunells Bridge I know I am entering Gods own Country 31/1/02
Jon Davison Brilliant Website, does Saltash proud, the water effects truly represented Saltash in a manner that can not be bettered.Well done, excellent. 16/11/01
Denise Hall I've just returned from 2 weeks in Saltash, where I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My compliments and appreciation to your citizens, who helped make my visit so agreeable. I'm looking forward to my next visit in 2002. 3/11/01
Thelma Whelan (nee Bennett) Well done Saltash,its rekindling old memories of home,one day, I shall return and meet old friends 19/9/01
Greetings from Holland, Jan Kersten I found your site when looking for info about the UK. Very nice and informative. I have added a link on my site to it, so everybody can enjoy it. My site can be found at: 12/9/01
Saara Maria, Finland Hi! I just came back to Finland after summer au pairing in Saltash. Your town is great and I really enjoyed it!!! And people in Saltash are very kind and helpful!!! I really hope that I could visit in your town again in futere. Take care! 2/9/01
Derek Jago I am tracing my family roots. I have established a direct link to a burial in St Stephens of Ferdinand Jago in 1818.I visited graveyard but failed to locate headstone. I have information which suggests that another ancestor had a premises in Lr Fore St in 1776. Fernando Jago who is obviously also an ancestor was married in St Stephens in 1674. I would appreciate any information to connect the two. Best wishes to all. Derek Jago - Dublin. 29/8/01
Eve Bourne I found this site very interesting and found out things I didn't know. 29/8/01
Gail Russell (nee Ridgway) I visited your website after looking at some old photographs from over 40 years ago! They were taken during a family holiday with my parents and brother and whilst staying in our caravan at Saltash, my older brother and I played daily with 3 children, Roger, Gloria and Howard Hancock(if my memory serves me well). I have a photo of my brother and me with Roger and Gloria and also a couple of photos of their home. How I have such memories after all these years I don't know........I just never forgot them! I wonder if they are still in Saltash and if anyone knows of their whereabouts? 18/8/01
Cindy Thanks to the internet I met my best friend who is a resident of Saltash. Being that I am from the United States, this site is probably the closest I will ever get to being able to see where my closest friend calls home 17/8/01
Ruth An excellent website! Very interesting to look at and read about the plans for the station buildings and the redevelopment at Saltash Waterfront. 21/7/01
Sue Dent (nee A'Lee) It was great to find this website as I am researching my family tree and my grandfather Bill A'Lee was well known around Saltash especially in his role as Town Sergeant until his death in the early eighties. I would love to hear from anyone who has any memories of him or even a picture of him in his regalia for my family records, I know he was photographed for the Cornish Times on several occasions but I do not have any copies. I would love future generations to be able to see their Cornish heritage (unfortunately I am now living outside the County and don't get to visit as often as I would like). 12/7/01
Jean Russell Great to see Saltash on the Net! And what a great site. I'd love to get in touch with anyone who remembers me-- I lived there at the end of the Seventies in Greenfield Road. I worked at Marray House Residential Home in Essa Road. Saltash is a great town. Glad to hear about the proposed weekly markets. 7/7/01
Mark Gregory Lived in Saltash until '86, would like to make contact with some old friends Andrew Self , Dave Clarke, Andrew Carew. Enjoyed the site. 7/7/01
Jason Minick Used to live in Saltash for 24 Years, great to see it on the web. P.S. The water effects are good. 28/6/01
Jean Perry Thankyou for your prompt reply!! I'm afraid I'm hooked on your site--it is BRILLIANT. Keep up the good work. 23/6/01
Louise Cox If you take a look at the Community Information section you will see details of the Saltash Town Band and St Barnabas Hospital. Both are very much still part of the town of Saltash. 21/6/01
Jean Perry I Lived in Saltash in the late seventies, and am seriously thinking of returning to live there in the next year or so. It seems to be changing a lot--is there still a Saltash Town Band? Your site is very informative, evocative and moves and responds very well. It has info about bed and breakfast accommodation which I have been unable to find anywhere else. Well done Saltash!!!!! See you soon. (PS. One more question--I shall be looking for a job in nursing when I come down. Is the local hospital still open, or have they closed it down?) 21/6/01
Alec Kendall What an excellent way to keep in touch for those of us a long way from 'down home'. I grew up and went to school in Saltash, leaving Saltash Grammar (Comprehensive) School in 1968 to go to college in Bradford and then.. well, the rest is history! Congratulations on a first-class job. 9/6/01
Rod Greenwood Very interesting place.I'm researching family history in Saltash which date back before the 1940's 5/6/01
M Kelsey Have enjoyed browsing through your web site. I was born in Saltash in 1954 and left in1986 to come to New Zealand. It was great to go back 28/5/01
Graeme & Liz Clarke - Bedfordshire My wife, myself and our two Yorkies are visiting for a week (19th onwards, having always gone to Cumbria in the past, never having been to Cornwall before. I entered Saltash by way of curiosity, and found this site. It does not tell you a lot about the area, but it does whet your appetite prior to the visit. One thing it does lack, is walk descriptions. Still, it can be quite interesting just exploring. See you soon, Saltash. 9/5/01
Dave Garland Congratulations on the site. Ex Saltash School pupils of all ages may be interested in where we have a section for them.... 30/4/01
Joanne Royston I love Saltash 22/4/01
Raymond Guy Brings back lots of memories of Saltash and good friends. 14/4/01
Heather Lindsey I came to Saltash when I was on vacation from the states. I was staying with some friends (soon to be family) in Callington. We came to Saltash regularly! I love the uk, and I'll be back this summer! 6/4/01
Charlie Ellis very smart 23/3/01
Mrs Dell Hutchinson Ancestor search- 13/2/01
Fred Linehan It is great to see Saltash on the internet. I will now be keeping a very close eye on coming events. Well done. 27/12/00
Cliff Tomaszewski Showing mother the site best wishes Cliff 25/12/00
Adrian Hicks Very informative site. I enjoyed the graphics of the water under the bridges. 16/12/00
Dave Chapman A very useful website as a group of us will be down next year to play golf & I will be looking for accomadation. I will try the numbers on this website. 12/12/00
Lenny Marples Informative and very well presented. No mention of your town 'Brass Band' 11/12/00
Christina Fulcher Informative and easy to use site - well done! 3/12/00
Gerry Bloomfield Very interesting to an old Essanian like me! 29/11/00
Tim Cox I used to live in Spencer Gardens for 14 years and enjoyed living in Saltash very much. 20/11/00
Drew Edgson Interesting and informative information. 16/11/00
Debbie Partridge A great website! Well done, everything you need to know about our town. 20/10/00
Andy Rance Nice web site and great to see Saltash online at last. 29/9/00
Andrew Eatwell My Grandfather was Les Williams who played the organ at the Methodist church in the 60s.My Grandma was Ivy Williams. One of her relations lived in "Ferndale" Saltash passage possibly a Tozer or Jefford,can anyone rember who it could have been? I miss coming to Saltash since the death of my Grandparents. 0/0/00


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