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Roma Mairoudis Andrea McAlpine - Dena of course I remember you. Id love to make contact. My email address is: Im also on Facebook . 29/7/19
Roma Mairoudis Andrea McAlpine - Dena of course I remember you. Id love to make contact. My email address is: Im also on Facebook . 29/7/19
Maureen Cummings When you plan your trip Maggie please contact Saltash Heritage, And he will be able to help you with old maps etc. 14/5/19
Maggie Penny Currently looking at family history and found this page. Researching the Crapp family who lived at 4 Homer Park, St. Stephens until 1922 when they set sail for Melbourne with their daughter. From the ship's sailing records I know he was a market gardener. Amazing where family research takes you. I have lived in Reading all my life. Feeling a trip to Saltash coming on and hope to find some local area maps/photos from the 1920s. Thanks for a place to share and reading my comment. Maggie 11/5/19
Andrea McAlpine Roma,remember me----Dena Harraway,I lived a couple of doors down from the dear old Barbers!!! I live in New Zealand now. 22/4/19
Kathryn Goodes ( nee Brown ) I attended Saltsh County Junior School from 1963 to 1966. Our home was at Broad Walk. I had lots of good friends and would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew me 14/4/19
Roma Mairoudis (Bacon) My grandparents, Ernest and Gwen Bacon lived in 3 Longview Road and great aunt and uncle, Harold and Florence Barber lived in St Stephens Road. My father was Russell Bacon. My mum and dad were married in St Stephens church 23 February 1946. Id love to know if there is anyone with the name Bacon who could be related to me. Id love to hear from you. 21/3/19
Maureen Cummings If Maureen Cropper would like to contact me via Saltash Heritage I can help with the Waterfield family as my mother was a Waterfield and I am in contact with another descendent of Frank. We can also supply photos of the house. 3/1/19
Maureen Cropper I am looking for any info on the waterfield Family 'they lived at homer park. the house was up top of the hill looking out over the tamar. My grandfather frank Waterfield was on the coouncil. Any infomation would be brillant and any old photos of the house woudl be great as well.thanks 2/1/19
Peter John Smith Hello everyone. My grandfather and grandmother Frank and Ethel Hoy, son Douglas, daughters Gladys and Zilla (Madge) lived at what was 8 Hamoaze Tce, now known as something else. My mother was Gladys and I was born at Pentillie Castle in 1942. I spent most of my early life in Truro, before art school in London, but still hold Saltash with great warmth and always drive through the Main Street whenever crossing the bridge, then I know I'm "home". See my cousin Judith Archer has left a note and contact to Stu Hoy another "Cousin Jack". 27/12/18
Jonathan Coles Nipped across the bridge today from Plymouth. Had a walk around Fore Street with my parents, bought some local items from the Butchers, Card shop and Pet shop. Always pleasant to shop in Saltash, not as rushed as in the city, and pleasant views across the Tamar and surrounding area when walking back across the Bridge. Shame that the little bakery that used to be near TOFFS has shut but at least there is a Rowes still there. 4/12/18
Jenny Moir I am looking for a Joan Kinsey who I believe lived at 117 Fore Street, Saltash, around 1949. I would be interested in any information on Joan or the Kinsey family. I am now told that Joan Kinsey was born in 1925 and according to the 1939 register she was also known as Pitt and Smale, so probably married more than once. Any information would be appreciated. My e-mail address is 2/11/18
Jenny Moir I am looking for a Joan Kinsey who I believe lived at 117 Fore Street, Saltash, around 1949. I would be interested in any information on Joan or the Kinsey family. My e-mail address is 1/11/18
Philip Luscombe Anyone remember Andrew Harrison of Lower Port View Saltash worked in Crown Carpets Saltash any information thanks . 31/10/18
Linda Whittall am shocked that you have cancelled REMEMBRANCE PARADE. l have served in the forces and lost a few friends due to wars and having my husband going to wars. It a time for us to be thankful that there gave they lives so you can be free they cannot. 17/10/18
Dave Bance Ref Jubilee Green Pontoon.. we wish to comment on the vastly improved facilities at the pontoon. When we have previously used it we have encountered a number of problems.. firstly there were inevitably one or more vessels alongside the pontoon unattended and which appeared to have been left there for some time leaving limited access at the emergency service end, secondly there were almost always a number of anglers on the pontoon which caused at best difficulty in manoeuvring alongside and tying up and at worst threatening and aggressive attitude combined with the mess and dangers of slippery bait and discarded hooks and lines. We now find that the pontoon is clean and tidy, free from unattended vessels so that it can be used safely, and most importantly extremely helpful and courteous waterside wardens, who are to be congratulated on their stewardship of the facilities. Please ensure that our comments are passed onto them. Our boat is moored locally and we can now safely use the pontoon to receive visitors. Thank you and we look forward to using the pontoon again and enjoying any additional facilities that you may eventually be in a position to provide, for example fresh water? 31/7/18
Rosalind Finlayson Sandra Rosen Cynthia Self was my sister. please contact me email 16/7/18
Sandra Rosen Hi, I live in the US formerly a resident of Newmarket until I married and move to the US. I have been doing my ancestry and I believe My Uncle (my dad's half brother) lives in Saltash. His name is Bryan J Self his wife's name is Cynthia F Self. They lived on Albert Rd but it looks like they moved in 2017. Does anyone know them? 6/7/18
Robert[Bob] Standlick I left Saltash in 1971 to join the RAF, still visit as mum and siblings live there, be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me 11/4/18
AMILCAR GRAMACHO Hello. I'm looking for people from Moore family. From Robert Alexander Moore (1847-?), that was Royal Navy Paymastes in Chief; his wife, Flora Burke Moore, from Jamaica; their daughter, Flora Mary Burke Moore, and somo others... 3/4/18


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