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The Guildhall has now re-opened to the public.


Town Council (Annual Meeting) - Tuesday 16th May 2017 at 6.00pm 

Town Council (Planning) - Tuesday 23rd May 2017 at 6.15pm

Planning: Latest applications here

Local Council Elections - 4th May 2017

Notice of Election:

Cornwall Council - click here

Town/Parish East - click here

Town/Parish West - click here

Statement as to persons nominated:

Cornwall Council - Saltash Divisions - click here

Saltash Town Council - click here

Notice of particulars of election agents - click here

Result of uncontested election - Saltash Town Council - Saltash South Ward - click here

Notice of Poll

Cornwall Council - click here

Saltash Town Council - click here

St Barnabas

Are you concerned about the temporary closure of St Barnabas? Come and sign the petition at the Guildhall.  If you cannot get to the Guildhall, please e-mail your name, address, comments and date to and this will be added to the main petition.

Read the press release on the Notices page.

The Saltash Town Council trailer has been serviced and is now available for hire.  See notices page.


See Notices page.

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