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Planning Applications

Planning Applications affecting Saltash from the Cornwall Council/Plymouth City Council Weekly List

Below is a list of applications notified to the Town Council by Cornwall Council. To view plans, click on Planning Application number. Please check this page following the relevant meeting for the recommendations of the Town Council. (This may be up to three working days following the meeting.)

Any copies [of planning documents] have been made with the authority of the Local Planning Authority pursuant to section 47 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Unless that Act provides a relevant exception to copyright, the copy must not be coped without the prior permission of the copyright owner. 

Saltash Town Council makes recommendations to Cornwall Council who make the final decision. Comments on planning applications should be sent to Cornwall Council. Full details can be accessed on the Cornwall Council website a link is provided below to each application by clicking on the application number. Applications will be removed from this page when Cornwall Council have made a decision or if the application is withdrawn.

A ward map of Saltash can be found here.

List Date Planning
Application No
Address Date of Meeting
Council's Response
23/07/2017  PA17/05787 Land to rear of 7 Babis Farm Way PL12 4TA
Ward: Saltash South
26/05/2017  PA17/04702 14 Fairmead Road PL12 4JG
Ward: Saltash West
20.06.2017  Recommend Approval
23/05/2017  PA17/04814 35 Longview Road PL12 6EE
Ward: Saltash North
01.06.2017 Deferred to 20.06.2017  Recommend Approval
12/05/2017  PA17/04109 40 Fore Street
Ward: Saltash East
23.05.2017  Recommend Approval
05/05/2017  PA17/03920 8 Riverside Cottages, Forder PL12 4QS
Ward: Saltash West
23.05.2017  To Note
28/04/2017  PA17/03472 Longlands Bungalow, Longlands Lane, Burraton Coombe PL12 4QQ
Ward: Saltash West
23.05.2017  To Note
06/04/2017  PA17/02655 The Old Barn, South Broadmoor, Elmgate PL12 4QX
Ward: Saltash West
18.04.2017  Recommend Approval
06/04/2017  PA17/03042 The Old Barn, South Broadmoor, Elmgate PL12 4QX
Ward: Saltash West
18.04.2017  Recommend Approval
28/10/2016  PA16/00016/NDP Rame Peninsula - plan proposal for the designated Neighbourhood Plan
Ward: Saltash West
03.11.2016  To Note
29/07/2016  PA14/02447 Land at Broadmoor Farm, Stoketon. (Hybrid application comprising outline permission. Please see plans for details.)
Ward: Saltash North
16.08.2016 Please see minutes for narrative response.  To Note
25/01/2016  PA15/11354 Mill Cottage, Antony Passage, St Stephens, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 4QT
Ward: Saltash West
04.02.2016  Recommend Approval
21/03/2014  PA14/02447 Land at Broadmoor Farm, Stoketon
Ward: Saltash North
Heard by Strategic Planning Committee at Cornwall Council 20.11.2014  Defer
13/09/2013  PA13/08040 Land Pt OS 7081 & 0076, Broadmoor Farm, Stoketon
Ward: Saltash North
Please refer to Cornwall Council website to read scoping opinion decision.   


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