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Saltash Town Council


Saltash Town Council has a budget for the award of grants for activities or events that benefit the residents of the town. 

There are two strands of grant funding available

Community Chest supports small scale community projects intended to improve the town environment to strengthen the community fabric or the common economy of the town. The maximum amount that can be awarded is 1000

Festival Fund supports larger events that are free, 6 to 7 hour long events likely to attract several thousand people. The maximum that can be awarded is 2500 per day to a maximum of two days per event

Grant applications must meet the criteria set out in the grants policy and be submitted with all supporting evidence. 

All applications are received by the Policy and Finance Committee who meet bi-monthly. Applications cannot be made retrospectively therefore please allow three months before funds are required. Applications must be submitted at least six weeks before the next Policy and Finance Committee. Check the schedule of meetings to determine when the application needs to be submitted by. 

Grants Policy

Grants Application Form - PDF format

Grant Application Form - Word format

Listed below are some of the grants made by Saltash Town Council:

Saltash Regatta

The popular free two day event was awarded £4998.22 which was used for event management, traffic management and hiring musicians.

21 May 2024

Tincombe Tea Party

The one day event was awarded £615 which will be used to pay for live music acts and toilet hire for the community event in August.

21 May 2024

Songs and Shanties Festival

The festival in June was awarded £975 which was used for infrastructure such as equipment, security and instrument hire.

21 May 2024

Saltash half marathon

The popular half marathon, 5k and fun run took place during Saltash May Fair and were awarded £350. The grant was used to purchase trophies for the winners of each event.

8 Apr 2024

Saltash Bowls Club

Saltash Bowls Club received £1,000 to go towards replacement of railings around the perimeter of the club grounds.

3 Apr 2024

Saltash May Fair

The popular two day event was the first recipient of the increased amount awarded to Festival Fund applicants. The event was awarded £5,000 which was used for event infrastructure such as waste management, traffic management and insurance.

14 Feb 2024

Cornwall International Male Choral Festival (CIMFC)

CIMFC received £300 towards the cost of organising the annual festival which features choirs from Cornwall and all over the world.

2 Feb 2024

Saltash Christmas Festival

The volunteer committee successfully applied for £1,500 towards the cost of running the free family friendly event.

3 Nov 2023

Saltash Radio

Saltash Radio applied for £500 to support the establishment of an internet based radio station for the town. The station will broadcast at key town events such as Saltash Regatta.

29 Jun 2023

Saltash United Football Club

Saltash United Football were awarded £1000 to help renovate the accessible facilities at the club. This ensures that the stadium is accessible for everyone in the community.

25 May 2023

Saltash Arts Pop Up Piano

Saltash Arts CIC were awarded £900 to fund a pop up piano installation at Saltash waterside. The piano proved very popular with residents and visitors.

9 May 2023

Saltash May Fair

The Saltash Fair Committee successfully applied for £3000 for the May Fair event which is a highlight of many residents and visitors year!

6 May 2023

Saltash Old Cornwall Society

Saltash Old Cornwall Society received £300 to purchase a PA system. The PA system will be used by guest speakers during their meetings to ensure everyone in the audience can hear the talks.

25 Apr 2023

Saltash Regatta

Saltash Regatta received £3000 for the annual award winning event. The Volunteer Committee ensure the event is free and accessible for everyone.

1 Apr 2023

Saltash Music, Speech and Drama Festival

Saltash Music, Speech and Drama Festival were awarded £1,000 for their competitive festival open to all ages!

1 Mar 2023

Saltash Christmas Festival

The Volunteer Committee of Saltash Christmas Festival received £1500 towards the event. The funding was used to ensure the event was a successful and residents and visitors.

1 Dec 2022

Friends of Summerfields Park

Friends of Summerfields Park were awarded £1000 to re-establish and promote Summerfields Park as a fun and safe environmental for children and families.

1 Dec 2022

Saltash Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance

Saltash Royal British Legion were awarded £850 to fund the Festival of Remembrance. The event launches the 2023/23 Poppy Appeal in the town and includes local bands and choirs playing.

29 Oct 2022

Saltash Bowls Club

Saltash Bowls Club were successful in applying for £650 to purchase equipment for local children to play the sport. It will be used to coach the school children in preparation for the County School Bowls Competition.

20 Oct 2022

Mary Newman's Cottage

The Committee applied for £500 to replace unsafe garden furniture used in the garden café. The new furniture enabled visitors to enjoy refreshments in the garden and raised vital funds for the cottage to remain open for generations to come.

11 Oct 2022

Safe 38

Safe 38 were awarded £434 for promotional material to highlight their campaign for safety improvements to the existing A38 in South East Cornwall.

8 Aug 2022

Friends of Tincombe

Friends of Tincombe were successful in applying for £335 to help towards the organising of the Tincombe Tea Party. An annual event which brings together the community with picnics, entertainment and activities for children.

7 Jun 2022

Saltash Sailing Club

Saltash Sailing Club were successful in applying for £1000 to replace sailing dinghy trollies which were unsafe and unusable by club members. The replacement of the trollies enabled the club's cadets to continue to enjoy sailing safely.

8 Apr 2022

Saltash United Juniors Football Club

The Juniors Football Club were successfully awarded £970 to purchase equipment such as footballs, bibs and goals. The new equipment enabled the club to expand its offering to young people in the area and continue to offer access to the club as a discounted rate for families.

1 Apr 2022

Saltash Regatta

The Saltash Regatta Committee successfully applied for £2928.43 to run one of the largest regatta's in Cornwall. Run over two days the team used the funds to pay for staging, insurance and entertainment.

1 Apr 2022

Saltash Big Lunch

A volunteer committee applied for £1500 to organise a Big Lunch event in honour of HRH The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Residents and visitors were invited to attend and share food and celebrate the occasion.

28 Feb 2022

Cornwall International Choral Festival

The charity group were awarded £250 to help stage the 2022 Male Choral Festival which was hosted in the town. The event attracted over 50 choirs from around the world. Workshops were run for local children and over 2000 singers participated.

27 Jan 2022

Saltash Amateur Boxing Club

The sports club received £1000 to train volunteers and young people and fund their accreditation in national awards programmes.

29 Nov 2021

Forder Conservation and Community Association

Forder Conservation and Community Association successfully applied for £1000 to part fund the replacement of wooden decking on their community building. The decking was rotten and needed to be replaced to continue to allow disabled access to the building.

29 Nov 2021

Cornwall Pride in Saltash

Cornwall Pride CIC were awarded £500 to hold a Pride event in the town. The event raised awareness and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

24 Jul 2021

Coombe Woods Regeneration Project

Coombe Woods Regeneration Project were awarded £700 in 2021 to erect plaques in the woodland. The plaques identify tree species in the woodland and encourage walkers to learn about the different trees in the area.

21 May 2021

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