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Saltash Town Council - Grants

Saltash Town Council has a budget for the award of grants for activities or events that benefit the residents of the town. 

There are two strands of grant funding available

Community Chest supports small scale community projects intended to improve the town environment to strengthen the community fabric or the common economy of the town. The maximum amount that can be awarded is 1000

Festival Fund supports larger events that are free, 6 to 7 hour long events likely to attract several thousand people. The maximum that can be awarded is 1500 per day to a maximum of two days per event

Grant applications must meet the criteria set out in the grants policy and be submitted with all supporting evidence. 

All applications are received by the Policy and Finance Committee who meet bi-monthly. Applications cannot be made retrospectively therefore please allow three months before funds are required. Applications must be submitted at least six weeks before the next Policy and Finance Committee. Check the schedule of meetings to determine when the application needs to be submitted by. 

Grants Policy

Grants Application Form - PDF format

Grant Application Form - Word format

Listed below are some of the grants made by Saltash Town Council: